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January 27, 2009


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Those look awesome!!!

Thanks for guest posting. I like the idea of not sealing the lumpia and left the sides open. Yummy!

Yaaaay!!! So perfect! :) I'm so happy you guest posted -- more Filipino food out there! I'm going over to Bee's right now to read it!

Cool! Adobo and lumpia down! I wonder what the next recipe will be? Did you answer why it's called Shanghai? I always wondered about that bit :)

Loved the guest post at Rasa Malaysia. Very informative and very interesting to read!

Thanks marguerite.

Thanks so much for asking me to guest post, RM!

Thanks joey! I hope you'll like it.

Hi Mila. From what I've read in a few place, it's called Shanghai because of the pork and because of the sweet and sour sauce. Not sure how accurate that is though.

Thanks ETE! I'm glad you liked it.

good job Marvin.. i'm glad we're spreading some filipino food love out there...

I for one want some Filipino food in my bell-lay (belly)

another great blog to bookmark! I really have to thank the Internet and bloggers like you, Marvin, for helping me keep educated and not a "barbarian" in terms of culinary stuff. More power to you!

That was a great article, Marvin! Nice overview on the different kinds of lumpia. And lumpiang Shanghai is my favorite kind of lumpia, so I'm happy it's what you chose to give a recipe for. :-)

You really should try lumpiang ubod next time you're here. It's very different from the other lumpias, and when made well (meaning, no extenders, and with a proper sauce), really special.

Great post. I learned a lot. You make a great guest host. The lumpiang in Bee's photo look totally irresistible!

Thanks Jescel.

Haha, Cynthia. I want some Caribbean food in my bel-lay!;)

Thanks Bernadette. I'm glad you have a new blog to read now.

Hi Katrina. I do look forward to trying ubod some day. Maybe I can find it somewhere here.

Thanks LL. Bee did a great job of doctoring my photo. She's a whiz!

Oh this is cute! Indonesians call our spring rolls 'lumpia' too. I guess it's same Chinese-inherited recipe thing. The filling is mostly bamboo shoot, chicken and/or prawn.

Do you brown the pork or leave it uncooked and just deep fry?

Hi Chad.

No, I don't brown the pork, I leave it uncooked and deep fry until the meat is cooked inside.

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