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December 03, 2008


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Prepared pie crust? Oh hell no! ;) Hmm, ampalaya is a tad too bitter for me... I wonder what I could sub that goes well with bacon and cheese. (I know: Macaroni! Ha ha ha.)

wow, two of my favorite foods in one dish. i love bittermelon. you are the king.

since i am so lazy, i'm just going to buy a premade crust and bake that $#!^ up! like, this weekend.

got that issue of Saveur today. I'm so glad you posted on that because I never would have known. that was a very good issue. i plan to buy a few extra copies to give as gifts to my foodie friends. :)

I saw it! :) It was so nice to come upon it while reading the magazine!

Now bittermelon...still getting used to that...

Hey, how great that you're in Yummy magazine! You should get one of your cousins to send you a copy. I haven't bought mine yet, but with both Joey and you in there, I surely will.

Hey Marvin, how about a magazine swap? Joey and I can't find copies of Saveur on the magazine stacks, so if you send us copies, we'll send you your Yummy :D

Brilliant! I'm teaching myself how to cook Filipino food (the only way I'll get to eat it here in Minnesota) but I'd also like to fuse it with other cuisines. I'm going to look for Yummy when we land in Manila.

Bitter melon quiche... what an interesting idea. It's pretty cool that you're in the magazine!

That looks wonderful! Quiche is one of my favorite tired evening dinners.

Congratulations on Yummy!

Congratulations on the Yummy feature! Admittedly bitter melon and I have a so-called bitter past...but I have not had it in a while and I think it sounds perfect in quiche!

Well, you get points from me thats for sure. I can't do bittermelon. I blame my childhood and many days of having to grow, water and help my mom take care of her ampalaya garden. That and I don't care for the texture or flavor. **shudder** However bittermelon aside, your quiche looks delicious! :)

For reals--homemade crusts are way better, and simple, too, once you get the hang of it. I want to use this recipe to try to trick my boyfriend into eating bitter melon. I wanted to get some last night, but when he said he wouldn't eat it, I passed it over . . . for now.

Wow, I love bitter melon and in a quiche, I'll definitely make this.

The hubby tried to subscribe to YUMMY for me but it would cost too much to send the mag here so I vetoed it. Where can I get a copy of the December issue?:)

Docking!! Docking!! Thats what it's called! Freaking docking... I always forget you.

Wow! You make your own crust. That's WORK. I buy mine frozen (shame on me, I know).

Bitter melon, aahhh! I remember being chased by my Nanay all around the house. She's trying to get me to eat THAT vegetable.

Now that I'm all grown up and eating healthy (I really try -- most times), she chides me for the things she had to do to get me to eat my veggies when I was a kid. Hehehe.

Oh cool! Congratulations!

And hey, definitely wouldn't have thought of the ampalaya and bacon quiche. Nice.

What I wouldn't do for a ball of queso de bola for xmas. Used to eat the red wax thinking it was edible so I ended up hating it.

that is something quite daring, Marvin!---ampalaya as a quiche filling :-). I might try it! One tip to reduce the bitter taste of ampalaya is to soak the slices in water with salt. Then after about 10 minutes, squeeze the juice out of the ampalaya slices then drain the water off. We do this whenever we make fresh ampalaya salad.

congrats! =) good things all around!

Love to try this, as I am a huge fan of quiche. Don't know anything about bitter melon, but I trust you. Congrats on being published, very cool!

Very cool take on 2 classic recipes. The quiche looks great, and I'm not even a fan of the bitter melon. And just think, by the next time you're in the P.I., you could be the next Jamie Oliver! ; )

I'm not surprised that you would be against prepared pie crust, manggy;)

Hi caninecologne. If you like bittermelon, you will definitely enjoy this recipe.

Bitter melon ain't so bad, joey:) And I wish I could see your recipes in the same issue as well. It's good to know I'm in good company.

Thanks Katrina, and yes, I am having a copy sent to me sooner or later.

I'd be glad to send you and joey each a copy of Saveur, mila. But I get the feeling that you will have found it before the copies I send reach you.

Hi Tangled Noodle. Yes, do look for it when you get to the Philippines. I'm sure it's full of recipes you can bring back to Minnesota.

Thanks Jessica!

Thanks Erin. And yes, quiche is definitely easy to prepare for a tired evening.

Hi Veron. Maybe after all this time you will find that you like bittermelon.

Thanks joelen. Bitter melon is definitely an acquired taste.

Do give it a try, julie. I think it goes well in this quiche and maybe your boyfriend won't notice it;)

Hi oggi. Unfortunately, Yummy is only available in the Philippines as far as I know. So we are both in the dark:)

Yes, tiffany, poking holes in the crust is called docking.

Hi jacob. There's nothing wrong with buying the crust, that's perfectly fine!

Thanks TS.

Queso de bola has become one of my new favorite cheeses, jude.

Thanks for the tip, bernadette. Though I admit that I love the bitter taste of bitter melon, so I usually avoid any tricks to take that flavor away. I'm a weirdo;)

Thanks very much, greasemonkey.

Hi Lori Lynn. Bitter melon is a very, very bitter gourd vegetable that can be found in Asian markets. It's definitely an acquired taste.

Thanks manju, but I highly doubt that:)

I would have loved to read it.

Love this take on quiche. Quite brilliant using the ampalaya with bacon. Brilliant, I say!

Thanks Cynthia.

Hi js. Bacon and ampalaya go quite well together, I think.

I'm so late to this one, but just wanted to say congratulations! A great take on an old recipe. VNese eat bitter melon with eggs too. :) Alas, I am in the can't eat it b/c it's too bitter camp. :(

Pwd Poh ba Maka Pag Paturo Kung paaNo Poh Kyo naka gawa Nyang AmpalaYA Pie??

MasaRap POh Ba??

I want to see Burnt Lumpia in tumblr! :D Please make a tumblr and post this awesome stuff there :D

delicous heee^^^

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