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October 12, 2008


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Great now I have to have a burger for dinner. . .extra cheese.

I think those jumbo pastillas are the best found locally (manila) these days. She also has a toasted pastillas version that's divine, it's my mom's favorite treat.

I'm glad you enjoyed them, Marvin... You are making me realize just how much of a sweet tooth I am. I have 5 of those at a time!

I "seemed" to enjoy the burger? Haha, you are too funny :) Granted, my eyes did not roll to the back of my head but I think that rarely happens in reality. It was really one of the best burgers I've had... But now you've just made me more curious about In and Out.

Do you ever get hungry and think about the food you weren't able to finish and wish you could 'port it to the present time so you could? I am so thinking that about the last remaining bites of the burger right now ;) Thanks so much for my wonderful lunch and shopping trip Marvin! Believe me, I could not tell you were tipsy at all! If I did, I would have pushed wifey into driving, haha!

That sounds like a nice bar.

I might be confused, but that looks a lot like polvaron. Are they the same thing, or are they slightly different? Google and Wiki are failing me at the moment. They know nothing about Filipinos. *shakes fist*

its cool how you guys get along so well! kinda guilty about coveting pastillas when im munching on chocnut. i havent tried iya's, i usually get sevillas (but the last one i got from the greenhills branch wasn't so great, it had 2 or 3 bad pieces). what i havent seen for ages are the thin pastillas with intricate japanese paper wrappers cut like parol (christmas lantern) tails.. about polvoron, theyre made from toasted flour, sugar and butter (with other ingredients too like toasted pinipig, cashews, pili, etc) the more pillo of us would ask you to whistle while you have one. ;)

burgers... one of my comfort foods. it's so difficult to find a good one here in germany.

i remember those pastillas when i was kid. haven't seen one in years! anyhoodles, enjoy those pastillas!

Whoa, you mean Manggy didn't have a burger at In-n-out???? What????!! Fedex one now!

I can imagine what a fun meal that was! Nice to see you guys met up :) That burger sounds awesome...as are Iya's jumbo pastillas ;)

The day I saw an In 'n' Out here in AZ was a very good day. The last time I went, at 10 p.m. in the middle of the week, there was a line 15 cars long.

I haven't had pastillas since I was a kid. I still remember them as the sweetest thing I've ever put in my mouth.

How cool that you met Manggy, since some of us over here haven't! (I almost did once, but didn't make it to the party.) Sounds like a fun conversation!

I agree with Mila -- those are the best pastillas available. While they're called "jumbo" now, back when we were kids, all pastillas were that size. I guess it's a sign of the times that most that you see now are half the size and aren't as creamy. And yes, next time, try to taste the toasted kind, too. It's sort of like a dry dulce de leche. MMM!

Go with gruyere and blue, Erin!

I love these pastillas, Mila! I didn't think they could be improved upon, but toasted? That must have a different flavor altogether.

Hi Manggy! Yes, I constantly wish I could port food to the present so I could eat it again. It was our pleasure to take you around. And don't worry, I wasn't too tipsy to drive;)

Hello Jikuu. Polveron is packaged in a similar way, but it is a much different candy. Polveron is made from milk powder, I think, and is therefore dry and powdery. It's kinda like eating sweet flour.

Hi greasemonkey! Yes, whistling while eating polveron is quite the challenge:)

Rita, I actually have an aunt that lives in Germany, so you're not the lone pinoy there. I think she lives in Hamburg or thereabouts.

It's a shame, isn't it Mila? :P

Yes, a good time was had by all, joey.

I couldn't imagine living in a state w/out In N OUt, Julie. Good to know they are in AZ.

Katrina, the pastillas I've had in the past were smaller, and kinda dry and crumbly. So I'm glad I got my hands on the good stuff!


Yes, I do remember them to be that size "normally." They are not "jumbo" at all! And like Mark, I have no problem downing a handful in one sitting. More than 5, I'll just say.

(Hey, did somebody say CHOCNUT?!)

I happen to not be a fan of chocnut, ts. But then again, I didn't grow up with it. I had it during my last visit to the philippines and thought it was just OK.

"pastillas" one of my favourit sweets. I had enough of pastillas during my visit to philipines. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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