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September 29, 2008


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Ah, I was scrolling down so I was about to say, to get rid of the eggs to achieve more of a tempura-style batter. But of course, you already thought of that :) Looks very authentic!
Shush, the risotto does look good, don't let yourself or anyone tell you otherwise :) The dried shrimp would have also been great in a pad thai.
I don't think anything in that can would be able to resist being infused with the aroma of dried shrimp!

Those leetel dried shreemps look so kiyoot!

I love ukoy but sometimes the "commercial" ones tend to be too greasy. Yours look perfectly fried. The risotto looks pretty creamy where I'm sitting.

your pantry is soo clean and organized, Marvin! You should see my pantry! My husband once tried to scour some dried hash---este tea from it and found a thousand and other things other than that. Boy! was he pissed!!! :-) he decided to clean the cabinet himself.

Your ukoy and risotto recipes I will definitely make...now what box did I put those ingredients in?

Wow, your pantry is really organized. I only have one tiny cupboard for my dry stores, you need to wear a hard hat just to open the door. The risotto and Ukoy look delicious. Maybe I'll have to pick up some dried shrip next time my cupboard has an inch or two open.

Those fritters sound like something I'd enjoy. I'm sure the dried shrimp adds nice punches of flavor. It's too bad the dried shrimp in the US are so terrible; dry, crumbly and grey. Yuck. My mom always brings them back when she visits Thailand, and they are worlds better than any I've every gotten here.

Oh my! I can just imagine how tasty these dishes are. Love shrimp fritters!

Ukoy! Even my pastey-white husband enjoys ukoy. The only Pinoy food he will tolerate. Oh, aside from lumpia, of course.
Thanks for your recipe, I will surprise him with this dish on his birthday. Fortunately, his birthday is in December. I have a few months to do my prelim testing ~ that means I'll be cooking it and eating it all by myself. hahaha!
When that happens, will definitely let you know how they turned out.
Marvin, just to let you know, your food blog is one of my reasons I keep longing for Pinoy food.
And Marvin, you sure are funny.

ahhh ukoy... actually you can keep the egg just ditch the baking powder and baking soda, and add more liquid more liquid. i love those little critters on my natong (laeng for you tagalog speaking islanders), or almost anything i cook with gata. let me commend you on your neat and tidy pantry, mine is like a warzone although for some reason i know pretty much where my things are. but alas! we have the same problem of forgetting things for months.

I like how you made the stock from the dried shrimp - it seems like a great way to use them up quickly.

Chocolate chips and shrimp in the same scent???? Um...

fantastic post as usual! if you've got some oregano to spare, they go surprisingly well in a wholesome batch of pork sparerib sinigang with guavas.. even in a marrow laden beef bulalo stew with _lots_ of onions and black peppercorns. ha? =) ingat.

The risotto looks yummy, it's not unphotogenic at all! :-)

Shrimp is one of my favorite foods, so of course I'd love ukoy. Have you had the kind that's almost wafer-thin, translucent, and all-shrimp (no veggies)? That's my favorite kind of ukoy. As crunchy as potato chips, and just as addicting!

Your pantry is too bare. At least, that's what Annie would say. I say it's great that you can easily find everything.

I see that you shop at Penzey's. Was that the Torrance store?

what a clean pantry... correct me if i'm wrong, but i think i spotted some Good Shepherd's jams over there... guess those are some of the loot you took back with you from home... amazing ukoy and risotto recipes... thanks for sharing... :)

Hi Marvin...have been a lurker for sometime...discovered your blog through Silly Lolo...love okoy!...I always bind it with tempura batter though....makes it light and crispy! ...then the ones floating on top after frying the okoy makes a tasty treat with udon...

Okay, had a minor freakout when you showed the shot of the shrimps because they looked a little wormly. Your fritters and risotto look great, though!

I can almost taste it... Good thing you reminded me of the vinegar-garlic dip. Ukoy just isn't ukoy without it but it's one of those things you can easily overlook.

Oooh, Pad Thai! Great idea manggy. I wish I would have thought of that before I used up my stash!

Hey js! I've never had the commercial kind of ukoy before, but I'll have to try and see if they have those at my Asian market. Might be good to have ukoy on hand whenever I get the craving.

Thanks bernadette. The pantry is probably the most organized thing in our house, I just like to keep things in order so I know where to find them.

Thanks Erin! There was a time when we had to wear hard hats for our cupboard too, but I could't take it anymore! So we decided to really try and get things in order and keep them that way. So fa so good.

I agree dp, the dried ones I've found here don't compare. Not only are they crumbly and grey, but they lack the same flavor and aroma too.

Thanks veron!

Oh my! I can just imagine how tasty these dishes are. Love shrimp fritters!

Hi Yarn Hungry Dog! Well, that makes at least two pastey-white people that enjoy Ukoy as my wife liked them as well;) And my birthday is in December too. Thanks for the kind words.

I like the little shrimp in other soups as well, ahnjel, like in dinengdeng. They lend so much flavor to any broth.

Hello Fearless Kitchen! Yes, if I take a big enough whiff, I can still smell chocolate from the cookies that were once stored in that tin. Or maybe i'm just crazy;)

Thanks greasemonkey! And I've never used oregano in Filipino cooking before, but I can see how it would definitely kick up the dishes you mentioned.

Hmmm, I've never had that type of ukoy before Katrina. But I do admit I could have made my own with more shrimp, I just wanted to save some for my risotto!

Hi Nate. Thanks for visiting my blog. And yes, I do shop at Penzey's, but I buy everything online. I find it's easier than driving out to Torrance;)

Yes, you are right Mikky. I still have some unopened jars from good shepard in my pantry, as well as a couple of opened jars in my refrigerator. I've got some good jam for the long haul...

Thanks for de-lurking betty q! That's an awesome tip for sprinkling udon with the lefover fried bits of ukoy!

Hi Julie! Don't you think the little shrimps are cute?! ;)

Hi Jude, the vinegar dip is definitely something you should have with ukoy. Sometimes after I fry up a batch of ukoy or lumpia, I want to get started eating right away and am to lazy to make the vinegar dip. But after a few bites I must have the vinegar;)

You have the neatest pantry I've ever seen. This is what you need however:

Sugar bear - little terra cotta bear you soak then plop into your sugar cannister. Keeps brown sugar moist.

The best 3.25 you can spend!

The Leather District Gourmet

Oh - I forgot - new to Filipino food (is that just PC if self-referencing? ie if I were Filipina?)

There was a London Broil recipe on Epicurious - with a story about its origin. Is it authentic?

The last thing out of Pandora's box...anyone know?


And I'll leave you with that.

Those have to be the most beautiful dried shrimp in the world, Marvin. And you've taken the best photo of them. Mine are always half shell on, half shell off, some with smelly black heads, others holding onto little bits of stone with their crispy dead legs. I get the skanks of the shrimp world. But you... you get the supermodels! :)

My goodness. You're a neat freak alright. But I was waiting for you to cook...Ukoy...one of my absolutely favorite Filipino foods. It's fried! It's eaten with vinegar! It's everything I like in food.

Thanks Jacqueline. I've seen that sugarbear before and always wondered if it worked.

Hi Tom. Skanks of the shrimp world? Your shrimp must be in bad shape;)

Hi elmo. Again, you're showing your good taste in filipino food!

will you come over and organize my pantry ... pretty please?

Pat, cook me some Indo food, and I'll organize your pantry;P

man it's been forever since i've had ukoy... i need to try making this! (this and your ube ice cream recipe... once i get an ice cream machine...)

love your humor and filipino-centered blog!

Nice to peak into your pantry! Very neat indeed.

I have some leftover wood from when our kitchen was done. Was almost going to give it away. Wasnt even thinking of the pantry. The moment I saw your pantry picture, it just clicked. That is where I am going to use that wood! Oh my God its so good meeting you! And your pantry.

Would you please let me know where you gt your pantry from & the name of it! I am looking for one like this.

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