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September 11, 2008


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I totally understand how you feel-- I'd be disappointed too, if there was only one stall. There's obviously a great demand for Filipino food so it's kind of sad that no one else was enterprising enough.
Very honored to be sharing the same print page with you, Marvin!
I've got a bit of poo-poo brain too, but it's mainly because my grandmother's birthday was last monday and several people brought cake. We had 5 at one time. One for each member of the family, it seems. It totally co*kblocked me. (By the way, the asterisk is subbing for an "o". What were you thinking? Ha ha ha.)

Sorry to hear that there's only one vendor for Filipino food. It would have been nice to feast on chicharon, puto at dinuguan, kutsinta, siopao, lechon and sisig! Am I making you hungry?

I hope the organizers will invite more food vendors next year.

I guess it was just a matter of poor coordination and "kulit" (persistence) on the side of the organizers to invite Filipino entrepreneurs to set up more food stalls. And I surmise this is the first Filipino festival there, right? So...next time there might just mushroom more Pinoy food experts :-)!

How sooo Pinay sweet of Mila to bring you an ube pasalubong! And
as I've told you, just keep it refrigerated. You do not have to worry about that tiny date at the bottom of the bottle. Hee-hee! That's Filipino for you---timeless!

Congrats for being the Cindy of the batch!

How strange -- a Philippine Festival with more foreign than Filipino food?! Especially considering how important food is to Pinoys, I have to say "boo" to the organizers!

Isn't Mila just the sweetest?! She is always so thoughtful with the pasalubongs. And I agree with Bernadette -- you have way more than a month to eat all that ube. Kept in the fridge, you should have a few months, at least. As long as it still tastes good and there's no mold, it's as good as when it was bought. I'm excited to see if you do anything with it! Over here, it's usually just eaten on its own, in halo-halo, or topped on ice cream.

Congratulations on the Rogue mention! That magazine's just a bit over a year old, but already it's one of the best-written local publications. So, YAY for you! :-)

Hi Marvin! I recently stumbled upon your site on my own quest to try and learn how to make the food from my childhood and I absolutely love it! My friends also loved the ube cupcakes from your recipe.

I used to intern and volunteer for FPAC and I wanted to comment about the Filipino food vendors... the festival usually seeks out as many food vendors as they can each year, but it's really hard to convince these food vendors to come out and participate in the event. I wish that was not the case!

I have to say though other Filipino food vendors have participated in previous festivals, but Aling Neri's booth is always the busiest! Her food is great at the festival and her restaurant is one of the tastiest "turo turo" places in Los Angeles!

Thank you so much for this blog! =D

Oh you got a copy already! I don't need to mail you one anymore then. =)

Glad you are attempting to pry yourself away from your "side projects" as I was missing my favorite weekly read. Congratulations on the piece in Rogue, that's fantastic!

congrats on making the line-up marvin! where will i see you next? uno? fhm phil?
goodluck with your ahhhh... side projects!

They start putting more references to excellent food writing in, and I'll have to read the articles! But right now I've got serious case of gourd envy about those old people and their giant squash. Who won? :)

Never seen upo that big. Wow. Wish I could get some of that ube jam around here. That jar rarely lasts more than few days in our household.
Congrats on making Rogue Magazine!

So that makes me Mr. Brady! Zoiks!

Glad to see you enjoying your ube as you so deserve for tootng its horn so often! :)

Congrats on the mag mention, but damn...I can't get my eyes off of that cover model...what is that she's covered in? Honey? Damn.

Just a quick note on the food...Nicola! is right. I'm close to the organizers and they tell me that many of the usual Filipino food vendors at FPAC went out of business. Getting new vendors was difficult this year because a lot of them did not want to go through the strict LA County permitting process. If you have any leads on vendors, please refer them to Fil Am Arts.

One Filipino food vendor? I hope others step up next year--that could've been a great way to generate business. Congrats on the new ube jam and the magazine writeup!

ube jam! yum! we should start a pool.. i say you finish the jar in 3 sittings over 5 days! haha!

i always wondered why mcdonald's doesn't have any ube products when they have grimace as a mascot.. until someone told me that grimace is actually a tastebud! blasphemy! how can that be? just look at an ube next to grimace, you don't need a paternity test for that, you know grimace could never have come from anything else!

congrats on getting published! i don't think you could have lucked out any better with ag on the cover.. in honey..

Hey congrats on being 'Cindy' in the Rogue mag and getting a pasalubong of ube jam.
I love the veg photo. What did they feed those upo to grow so big? Are they edible?

I tried to find the event with a friend on Saturday, but we couldn't figure out where the heck the show was, so we just went to Port O'Call and had grilled fish.

I'm on the East Coast today, after avoiding the brunt of Hurricane Ike in the mid-west. The travel's been great so far and I am taking way too many photos of buildings and sculpture. Yes, I'm weird that way.

Enjoy the ube, hope it pushes the blues away (turns it into purples), and hope to see you and Barbara on my way back through LA!

I admit manggy, I was thinking something else with that asterisk in the way. Very nice term though!

You are definitely making me hungry, Leica. And yes, it would have been nice to see more of a variety in food.

This festival has actually been going on for many many years now, bernadette. And I'm sure the organizers did their best as the rest of the festival was very well organized and planned. And I will keep a close eye on my ube as the expiration date passes;)

Hi Katrina! Mila is indeed very thoughtful, she was telling us stories of how she had brought yogurt and butter and various other goods back to Manila for friends. And it's good to know that Rogue is already one of the best after only a short time in publication.

Thanks so much for the info Nicola! I know that it must be a difficult job for the organizers of FPAC, so I hope I didn't seem like I was faulting them. I am glad though that you've found my blog and I hope you visit often. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks again, Wysgal!

Thanks Erin! Having "side projects" is always tough;P

Hello Ahnjel. Uno and FHM? If I ever am mentioned in any of those, I can at least be assured of more eye-candy on the covers;)

Hi Tom! I believe the long upo squash (pictured standing with the elderly man) was the overall winner--it was the longest and heaviest if I remember correctly.

Thanks Jude. And yes, my jar of ube is steadily decreasing every day :)

Being Mr. Brady aint' so bad, Joey. I'm the youngest one in curls.

Elmo, she is indeed covered in honey or a honey-like substance. You should see the inside pages!

Thanks for the information, joe. I can only imagine how hard it is to get new vendors to the Festival every year. I will definitely forward any leads that might come my way.

Thanks Julie! I'll probably give your ube jam ice cream a try if my supply lasts!

Grimace is a tastebud? I never knew that, greasemonkey. And Miss AG is indeed very lovely.

I assume the veggies are edible, oggi. According to the guy I talked to, there is no secret fertilizer for growing the giant upo. Just let them grow as long as you can and give them plenty of water and sun.

I'm sorry you couldn't find the festival, Mila. It was right next to the Pt. Fermin Lighthouse.

I'm glad you were able to avoid Ike though and I hope you are enjoying the rest of your trip.

My gulay!!I never thought UPO will get that long! Upo with shrimps and alamang na bagoong... my favorite, next to pinakbet.

Hi mely! Apparently, it's not that hard to grow upo that long. And I love pinakbet too! Thanks for visiting my blog.

i live in delano, california.central cali reppin.aha.well we had our filipino weekend a few weeks ago.i think it was our annual 35th.well it happens every last weekend of july.you should come and check it out next year.yee.

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