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August 29, 2008


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great to read your post...and now that you mention it, I remember your anniversary dinner after all. Doh!

Happy Anniversary (again!) and here's to more great parties!


This is the party I would like to attend and even host! It's like that of being a family! As said in tagalog "sama-sama", together-ness is really sharing abundance in all its stages---from preparation to eating and then cleaning-up! I am also guided by the adage "to be a good guest, make your host/hostess comfortable as well!

Thanks for the nice post, Marvin! Now I have more blogs to visit...hope my husband won't mind that I'm more at the computer ;-).

I certainly hope it's rare that you're completely at ease with a complete stranger! We wouldn't want you to be abducted :P But seriously, I think blog friends are an exception-- you already know pretty much what makes them tick (uh, food).
You and wifey are looking very slim, Marvin ;)
I'm glad WC got the lumpia-frying job, ha ha ha :D

Now that Manggy mentioned it, you and your wife are entirely too fit looking for a food blogger! ;)

It was great meeting you too. You were too modest in not showing all the great giant shrimp you barbecued!

That's just how I felt when I went to my first food bloggers' event -- Marketmanila's 1st eyeball -- a couple of years ago. It was a much bigger group, but some of us immediately got along. After seeing each other at a few more food events, we became good enough friends to get together on our own, and have even gone out of town with each other...always with food, of course! I remember, at our dinner with you, that you expressed surprise that we'd only met fairly recently, since it seemed like we'd known each other forever. I guess that's what bonding over good food can do. So I wouldn't be at all surprised if you developed good friendships with the people you met at this dinner, as well. :-)

That's wonderful! So great to make friends with those with similar passions. How fun for all of you.

Ooh, and that fish is looking soooo good!

Aww Marvin, you should never be shy about asking for more of those cornets. Believe it for sure, next time you are over, we're give you a whole plateful of em....since you asked! ;)
You two are such beautiful folk, it's too bad more people can't get to experience the Burnt Lumpia duo at dinner. We feel very lucky that you both came!
Marvin, you were the man of the night for sure. Not only did you grill the prawns, you collected herbs, rolled the dough, cleared the dishes, washed the dishes, dried the dishes and help out everywhere! We couldn't mention it all cause it would have made everyone feel bad! You guys are the best, come over soon, ok?

oh im so jealous!! i agree with manggy i think its kinda easy for food bloggers to feel at ease and have that click easily for we love the same thing: good food and good company! thanks for sharing this wonderful event!

Hi Marvin!

We've tagged you for a random facts meme. Hope you do it!


TS and JS =)

Sounds like a fabulous party! I love how everyone work together to get dinner on the table (including foraging for herbs...how cool is that!)! Great way to bond and a great ice breaker as well :)

I agree with Katrina...I had so much fun at that first Market Manila eyeball even if I was so so so nervous! And now we yakyakyak as if we've known each other for years :)

I saw those prawns you grilled over at the White on Rice blog...they looked fantastic!

looks like you guys had lots of fun... :)

Wow, that's Paradise! Food, friends, and a beautiful setting--perfect!

I'm so jealous! But what's to stop me from hosting one up here in Northern CA? I'm glad that the food blogging community is as warm online as it is off!

Hi Brooke! It was great to meet you, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

I'm glad I could introduce you to new blogs, bernadette!

Some people are completely outgoing when meeting strangers, manggy! But yeah, I wouldn't want to be abducted;) And don't be mistaken by our thinness--me and wifey are big eaters!

It was awesome meeting you too, Dub C. We need to meet for lunch sometime!

You are right Katrina, bonding over food is a good way to begin friendships--I just never really thought of it that way!

The fish was fantastic Lori Lynn!

Hi WORC! I definitely would not mind a plateful of those cornets--they were so good! Again, thanks for the invite and we hope we can hang out again soon with the both of you.

Good food and good company! I couldn't have said it better myself, dhanggit;)

Thanks for the tag, TS and JS!

Hi Joey! I could definitely see that you all yakyakyak like old friends;)

It was indeed great fun, Mikky.

Hi Julie. WORC's backyard is as close to paradise as it gets!

You should definitely host a party up North, Pat! It'd be a good way to meet new people in your new home!

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