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August 19, 2008


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Man, when you have a party can I get an invite?! Those cocktails sound wonderful and I never thought to use kalamansi juice. Maybe it's because I'm not quite as lucky to have a tree to grow them on! Would it even be worth it to try making these cocktails with frozen kalamansi juice? I'm tempted to try although I know it won't taste as good as fresh...

Philippine Airlines! You slay me, Marvin :D If ever I come over to see you, I fear for my unacclimatized liver! :P

Clearly, you're as creative at the bar as you are in the kitchen! As a big fan of cocktails (well...I guess I'm a fan of alcohol, in general), I know that if I were to find myself in your neck of the woods (where is that expression from???), I could turn to you for some happy inebriation. ;-D

PAL... that's perfect! ; D Your ability to pinoy-ize very staid or traditional recipes is astounding... I'm still pondering the duck adobo confit...

And hey, at least you have a Kal and a Reggie -- I miss having a calamansi tree at home...

Thanks for the point to our site, too!

Hi Marvin,
I'm a new fan, delurking to let you know Seafood City here in SoCal sells calamansi trees as well, in case you're on the lookout for a twin for Kal. I've been wanting to get my own calamansi tree but since I live in a condo, too, I thought I couldn't have one since it would need to be transplanted later on. But after reading your Kal posts, guess it's time to get one! Woohoo!

Philippine Airlines! So clever!

You haven't tried my suggestion to bury shrimp shells in the pot have you? Seriously, it's revived my roses and a jasmine plant. Bury them deep or any stray cats might go digging.

can't comment much as to drinks...although they look inviting!

If you don't mind my unsolicited advice...try replanting Kal in a bigger pot. Maybe its roots are cramp and add a bit of fertilizer (are you composting---stupid question?) so Kal can bloom and soon probably you'd have more problem trying to find out how to make use of the juices. Hope you won't become an alchoholic, though :-)!

I am growing a lemon tree from seed, at 10 months old it's at five inches. Something tells me it will be a while before it yields fruit. I think I'll take bernadette's advice myself and repot.
I love the twists you put on cocktails. I think I'll have to check out Uwajimaya for calamansi to go with the Clear Creek Gin in my freezer.

And here I thought Kal was dead! Long live Kal!

Re-pot Kal! He'll bless you with more fruits for PALs.

I think Kal needs a bigger pot, Marvin. You gotta take care of Kal if he's gonna put in for your PAL!

i agree with the some of the replies - repot Kal. have you tried using any kind of fertilizer? that might help. on another note, your entry is making me thirsty.

good luck with Kal and prost!

I used to drink a lot of this when I was a student :-) hehehe I love the aviation cocktail, great touch to use kalamansi on it!

you might wanna try bruising the leaves and adding them into cocktails too! hehe.. or mixing them with other leaves like mint for mojitos.. will use your tips to dispatch a bottle of basi i've been saving for a coupla years.. ingat!

Last year my tree shed all its fruits before maturing but this year it is very generous and I am still enjoying the crop. I followed one of your commenters' advice to feed it with shrimp shell water and I'm not sure if that helped. Maybe the tree is already mature enough to produce fruits.
I don't drink regularly but my daughter will appreciate these recipes of yours.:)
BTW, the author Neil Gaiman loved the calamansi soda/drink when he went to the Philippines last year and wrote about it in his blog.

I like the gnome.

That PAL drink looks like it'll definitely end in a crash! Ginebra gin is nasty! Interesting mix but nasty! ;)

So why weren't you bartending last nite?

Thanks for the wine - next time I think I'll hit you up for one of these beauties -- I don't think I've ever tasted one. ;-(

Oh wow. Can't believe you were able to smuggle some Ginebra from abroad. Paint thinner of choice for my old buddies in the Philippines!

Clearly the gnome isn't working hard enough at making at making the lime tree grow. Threaten him with... um... what are gnomes scared of?

Marvin -Now I am parched!!!
You have given me a great idea, I am about to plant some citrus trees in my SoCal yard, I am going to talk to my gardener about Kal.
And you crack me up as usual.

I've actually made a mojito with kalamansi before...ended up pretty good, although I can't say I'm that much of a bartender, even though I own a rather extensive liquor cabinet, ahahaha...also, johnnie gold with a twist of kalamansi's good for a quick nightcap...

Joelen, I don't see why the frozen juice wouldn't be worth a try. No, it won't be as good as fresh, but I think if it's pure frozen Kalamansi juice it will still taste pretty good.

Manggy, whenever you do make it out here, I'll go easy on your liver!

Katrina, I'd be happy to mix you a drink anytime!

No problem Manju! As soon as I get a few more Kalamansi grown, I will be giving your margarita a try as well.

Thanks very much for delurking bagito! I didn't know there were any trees at Seafood City. Thanks for the tip! And yes, keepint the tree in the pot is a perfect solution for us condo dwellers;)

hi WC. I actually have not forgotten about your shrimp tip and am saving it for the next time I re-pot Kal--which I guess will be very soon.

Thanks for the advice bernadette! And yes, I think I'll be moving Kal soon.

Hi Erin! Yeah, I think you've got some ways before you see lemons. And definitely give the calamansi a try with any gin drink.

He's still alive and kicking, elmo!

Thanks Mila! More fruits for more PALs is enough motivation for me;)

But I do take care of Kal, Julie! He doesn't take care of me;)

Hi rita. I do use fertilizer, but only once every couple of months.

Hello dhanggit! I'm glad to have found another fan of the aviation!

Are the leaves edible greasmonkey? I never thought to use them in that way, but I'm gonna test out your bruising idea.

Thanks oggi! If the shrimp thing worked for you, then I will definitely be trying it.

Thanks Mike.

Ginebra isn't exactly my favorite gin, margaux, but I don't think it's that bad;)

Hi there Toni! Thanks for stopping by. And Todd didn't need my help the other night--his cocktails were fantastic!

Hi Jude. Ha, paint thinner indeed!

Hmmm, good question Tom. I think gnomes might be afraid of cats, but who knows:P

I'm glad I'm keeping you laughing Lori Lynn.

Hello Hector, thanks for visiting. I'm the same as you, not much of a bartender, but plenty of liquor to experiment with!

hehe.. they're a bit chewy and thick so you won't really wanna bite into one but they're intense when you tear em up or bruise em! got the idea from when i made my first leche flan many many pounds ago.. hehe..

I LOVE YOUR SITE... I couldn't close it, I was rolling on the floor laughing at your wit.
I love lumpia, and the filipino fried rice. My husband, was a SeaBee, and alot of the crew were from the Phillipines. Every friday they always cooked some wonderful foods. I live in rural Kansas, but from SF bay area. Miss the international foods available. Thanks again for a great web site.

good recipes for the drinks!!! thanks Burnt Lumpia

May i ask ,what store did you bought your gongogong basi revolt wine? thanks a lot

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