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August 25, 2008


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Hee, that reminds me of the Hip Hop Kids sketch from SNL:
Jason (as he's getting eaten by cave-dwellers): I'm gettin' served! I'm gettin' served!
I hope you're able to show us plenty of pics, Marvin! And I hope the food does not disappoint :)

"cabbage-patching", Oh the horrors of junior high. . . I broke my wrist in a cabbage-patching accident.

Haha, long live the cabbage patch! Since the 80's are back, could the CB be far behind? I'm so there! LOL!

I would like to go but.....I'll check out their website anyway and thanks for the info.

im 100% behind this!! too bad can't come and see this hope someone will upload it in youtube :-D

you know, i went to this over the weekend, and sadly, there was a very noticeable lack of filipino goodies. where was the lechon? where were the lumpia? how now the kare kare or bibingka?
there was really only one stand/vendor dishing out filipino food. and the line was insane. the other stands were thai and japanese. oh, and funnel cake. funnel cake!
we ended up not even eating there. it was truly disappointing.

The ironic thing is, Manggy, that I did not get served. The food was disappointing. But everything else at the festival was great.

Wow, Erin! You must've been really going at it if you broke your wrist cabbage patching!

I never knew the cabbage patch was ever gone, bagito:)

No prob, oggi.

It was still a great event, dhanggit, but no video footage from me.

I'm with you eris, I was very disappointed in the food too. But I hope you still had a good time there anyways.

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