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August 06, 2008


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Hilarious write up! I happen to love chicken feet and getting every bit of gelatinous goodness off of every single bone. However, I save this for moments when friends are not joining me for dim sum or when I'm at home so no one makes weird faces as I eat it.

Marvin, you are WEIRD! The words "gleefully" and "stock" do not belong in the same sentence! :P Also... I'm chicken about chicken feet. It's... Feet. I have this hang-up when it comes to eating animal feet (no, I don't eat trotters either). But you do make the grilled adidas look good... Till you talk about spitting out the phalanges! (Goosebumps)

I can't quite get over my fear of chicken feet. I always choose betamax over adidas when eating isaw.

That grilled adidas -- looks like I should make a run for it! I love the fatty palms and the fatty fingers and that charring. Another thing, they do look like human fingers, don't they? I kind of find a perverse pleasure in that. LOL

We used to have braised chicken feet dishes growing up, but our chicken feet consumption is now limited to dimsum. I have to try making a stock from chicken feet one of these days.


Marvin, you kill me! I don't know whether I'm intrigued or grossed out. Probably both...LOL

Adidas = chicken feet. So clever. Do Filipinos pronounce it like Americans, A did das all quickly together, or like Vietnamese, A di da each syllable enunciated?

Kalamansi juice makes the best marinade. Were the chicken feet as tender on the grill as dim sum? My mom also fries the feet to make them puffy before marinating and all that.

Oh no! Your (really beautiful) close up photos make the feet at the beginning look like they've got little painted toenails! :)

Love the little song at the end... video!
I like eating chicken feet when they've been really boiled and turned into jelly practically, then marinated in a spicy pickle sauce. Sort of Thai flavors and served chilled. I've only had it in Thailand so I don't know if it's something available anywhere else.
Will you do the entire oeuvre of grilled foods found in Manila street food stalls? Chicken butts, gizzards, livers, and necks.

man, I love addidas! i always order them when I am at a dimsum place. I do not know how to prepare them and now I am so encouraged.

I love chicken feet. Almost my entire family likes it so theres a mad dash to get to it when we are at a dimsum place. I have eaten grilled adidas as well, actually barbecued. I save the fatty palms to eat last.

so lucky i wasn't drinking milk when i read this post...it would gone up my nose.

I love fatty anything! I can practically eat weird things, but chicken feet are not on my list. I don't like to eat chicken butt either.
Just one question: where's your wife all that time you were prepping/cooking the chicken stock as well as grilling the chicken feet? Was she horrified and grossed out? Or she's so used to Filipino cooking she doesn't get surprised anymore.
I find your blog entry on chicken feet funny, real funny though.

oh my word! did i just make my coffee a wee bit too strong? what a way to start my morning. that's disgusting but funny, at the same time.

thought, i'd de-lurk and say, "Hi!" thanks for all the laughs and the recipes. keep it up!

my goodness! this reminds oh so well of my childhood... try making adobo out of them too! but of course dont you should still boil them little disgusting but oh-so-good adidas'... also my aunt used to marinate and base the adidas with a simple combination of ketchup, calamansi, brown sugar, crushed garlic, soy sauce (i add worcestershire and tabasco) for a little on the sweet side grilled adidas (or anything she grills for that matter)...
by the way! dont forget the grilled blood called 'betamax'

You are one funny dude, haha.

Your chicken feet gang sign had me ROTFL.

crap! there was a typo... im sorry.

my goodness! this reminds me oh so well of my childhood... try making adobo out of them too! but of course you should still boil them little disgusting but oh-so-good adidas'... also my aunt used to marinate and base the adidas with a simple combination of ketchup, calamansi, brown sugar, crushed garlic, soy sauce (i add worcestershire and tabasco) for a little on the sweet side grilled adidas (or anything she grills for that matter)...
by the way! dont forget the grilled blood called 'betamax'

I have eaten chicken feet just once in a Thai resto in Hong Kong. I was with a Chinese friend and she "forced" me to try them. They were delicious.

Now, I want to try them again after 20 years..your photos and recipe have inspired me.:)

I am repulsed and intrigued at the same time. Great write up.

Wow, I might have to check this out for my blog. I would have to say they look like alien hands to me. I'm getting images of close encounters of the third kind. hahah

Ok..that had me LAUGHING!! BUT YUCK!

My Adidas/
Walked through chicken coops/
and roamed all over other chickens' poop

OMG, that would be so good deep fried as well. Drool.

I've never had chicken feet in any other form except the brown-braised dim sum kind. (I haven't had them in their pale dim sum form; don't know what kind that is/how that kind's cooked.)

Those pictures are TOO COOL. I really like that palms-up photo, for some reason. Also, that "west Coast!!!!" one is very strangely human. Haha... I think I'm freaking people out.

I think the image of chicken feet in my head is of the claws being close together -- like one's hand when making the kung fu SNAKE move... I guess that's their cooked state.

(Wow, chicken feet at Whole Foods, eh.)

"Behold my power!" -- LOL. Though, I think you should've said that you crushed the bones with your BARE HANDS! ;D

Teehee. I love this post.

You have such a unique sense of humor, Marvin.

I don't know that I would fix the chicken feet, but I certainly would be open to trying them at a restaurant.

Thanks for the laughs as usual!

Loved your post.

Loved your photos

But I still will NEVER eat chicken feet. Maybe that's because I used to raise chickens . . . . LOL.

I think you are the only food blogger who has gotten away with featuring chicken's feet! :-)
I have never seen so many ways (as you had done) to photograph the ADIDAS! hahaha!
I tried eating these as well as the head of the chicken. I insisted that the lights of the carinderia where we ate it be dimmed. Just for the experience. Never did it again!

Thanks for the entertainment. I can count on your blog to give me a good laugh after a long day. I don't think I can eat this...the "raw" pictures just show too much icky details. Maybe one day.

Wow. That Adidas rap. Wow.

Your Adidas look better than pickled chickens feet, that's for sure. I'm relieved that you lopped the talons off before cooking/eating them. That's the bit that freaked me out most.

God, those grilled feet look so friggin good.........The collegan in food is so decedent, whether its from zampone or cotechino, oxtail or chicken feet, I love the taste and the texture. I've had chicken feet JERKED and my god, so good, so good.

The first time I pondered fixing chicken feet (bought a bunch on a whim) I was debating with myself the best way to declaw the little suckers. Then it dawned on me. The clippers I used to trim my golden retriever's nails worked perfectly. Run, don't walk, to your local pet supply store. :-)


I have never eaten a chicken foot, although I have used them for stock. I just could not bring myself to cut off those little toes - I had the butcher do it ROFL.

When you grill them...does the skin get crispy? In my head I picture they would be good crispy with the texture of pork rinds maybe....

Hi Joelen! Ha! I think the hardest part of eating chicken feet are the looks people give you who are too scared to try them;)

I'm completely serious, manggy! I love making chicke stock and it is quite gleeful for me:) And you are missing out on trotters as well, fatty and delicious!

Hi Jude, I have yet to try betamax, and it will probably be a while until then since I doubt anyone in the states makes grilled blood!

You're right, js, they do have a human-like quality to them and that makes them even creepier.

Hi dp! I guess being intrigued and grossed out is better than just being grossed out ;P

WC, I guess we pronounce it like Americans do, but just with a Filipino accent. And no, the feet weren't as tender as dim sum, more like the consistency of a normal grilled chicken wing.

Ha, ha Tom! I actually thought the same thing about the painted toenails, but that's actually their natural color.

Hi Mila, the song is by Run-DMC. And those videos are a pain for me to make, but I try and do them when I think I can't explain a procedure well enough. And as far as the street food goes, I think I'll stop with the chicken feet for now.

Hello veron! I'm not exactly sure how to prepare them dimsum-style, but I know there is frying, braising, and steaming involved. I'd love it if you figured out the dimsum preparation.

Hi Raissa! Yes, all the goodness is in the palms!

I'm glad you and your computer screen are safe from any milk spray, elmo!

Yarn Hungry Hog, my wife was sitting in the living room, a safe distance away from the chicken feet. I wouldn't say she was grossed out, but she definitely didn't want to try any.

Thanks for de-lurking rita!

Adobo chicken feet? That's an awesome idea ahnjel!

Thanks for stopping by, pixeldose! West Coast!!!

Thanks oggi. I can't wait to see what you do with chicken feet.

Thanks Erin! Hopefully you are more intrigued than repulsed;)

Thanks for visiting my blog, joe!

I'm glad you got at least a laugh at of this post, leslie. Thanks for visiting;)

Nice, Adam! Well played! And thanks for the shout out on SE.

Deep fried sounds good, Beth.

Thanks TS! Kung fu snake move? Nice! And yes, I was quite surprised to find the chicken feet at Whole Foods.

Thank you very much, Lori Lynn. By "uniuqe sense of humor" you must mean "weirdo". :P

Thanks docchuck.

Hello bernadette! No need to dim any lights if you eat them at home;)

Hi Susan. Yeah, the raw pictures are a tad disturbing, but in the end it's just food to me;)

Hi Julie. The Adidas song is by Run-DMC. And lopping the talons off is definitely a good idea if you will be eating the chicken feet.

Hello nick. I also liked the taste and texture of the feet--it's pretty much all skin and no meat.

Toenail clippers for dogs? I hope you cleaned those before using them on the chicken feet Michael! :P Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Dances. No, the skin did not get crispy on the grill. It was more like the texture of a grilled chicken wing. To get them crispy, I would guess deep-frying would be the way to go.

Marvin! I love you for this post! I love chicken feet though my mom never cooked it for us. Whenever I'd visit relatives in the country side, they'd include the chicken feet in their curried chicken. Also chicken-foot souse is a big deal here in the Caribbean!
Oh man, now I definitely have to get some chicken feet this weekend. I love this post!

I forgot to mention, here in Barbaodos, they are called, steppers :D

The moment the site came up on my screen and I first saw the first chicken feet photo, I said to myself "Oh Marvin. He. Did. Not."

Dude high five for the the gumption and posting the photos! and the mention of feces oh dude you so risked icking your readers man, but you pulled it off!!

I found its best to eat chicken feet with beer: too drunk and too engrossed with the taste of the pulutan to care that its feet. But once you get going, man you cant stop. It is an excellent stock yes Marvin so its also a congee item. My family is nuts about it. (Im not tho.)

From duck confit to chicken feet, now Marvin will you ever try duck feet in the same manner? Chinese restaurants debone them. Debone man!

Chicken feet have to be one of my favorite parts of a dim sum meal. I have great memories of shopping in Chinatown for our Christmas Eve Italian seafood dinner and we always stopped for dim sum. My mom and I would be the adventurous ones with the rest of our party chowing on dumplings and "safer" items. A tableful of Italians is hard to miss at a packed dim sum breakfast! :D

i love chicken adidas!! we used to have a neighbor in manila that has the best bbq marinade for chicken feet :-) i really miss eating them right now, i cant dare to try my hubby hates it LOL!! nice shots marvin!! they are droolworthy!

Love the naming schemes... Adidas, that's great! You do an amazing job of making these look both scary and kinda delicious at the same time.

Thanks for the tip about chicken feet tips in stock -- I'm a save-the-parts, all-day-stockmaking person too and will try adding feet next time...

you are a funny man! tho' I'm Pinay, but I don't have the chicken foot fetish, hahhaa....I'm sure it tastes great...

I agree that chicken feet are yummy but I hardly eat them because I am a lazy bum and working through the small bones are sometimes too much trouble for me...your grilled ones (and the sound of that marinade) look really good though!

I also love making stock and my freezer sometimes has more bones and carcasses then actual meat! I sometimes fancy myself the Leatherface of stock and like to laugh diabolically to myself thinking of the bones in my deep freeze!

Love the west coast chicken foot!!! Hahahaha!

Agree with Mila...the little rhyme at the end deserves a video :)

the pictures actually make the feet look as good as they could, almost delicious... I like them when they have been braised for a long time and the skin is all gooey and soft and has absorbed flavor from the sauce. Not sure I could tackle it looking so firm and fabulous...

Hello Cynthia! I actually like the sound of "steppers" rather than "adidas". Sounds more edible;)

Thanks very much, Chad. I agree about the beer. The more beer there is, the less worried you are about what you're eating.

Thanks chiff.

Hi dhanggit. My wife is the same way, she didn't want anything to do with the chicken feet:)

Definitely give the feet a try in your stock, Manju. They enrich the stock more than you'd think.

Take my word for it jescel, they taste awesome!

You're worse than me, joey when it comes to making stock. Chickens must be very fearful of your diabolical laughing :P

Hi foodhoe. Yes, the way I prepared them is definitely more firm than if they were braised for a long time. I thought about boiling them longer before putting on the grill, but the mushier they get, the harder it is to grill them as all the skin would fall off.


I saw the second photo while scrolling through Google reader. They looked like witch's hands to me. Scary.

I don't really like chicken feet.

I'm craving some good chicken feet all of a sudden. Lucky for you Barbara's not into them so you don't have to share your delectable delicacies!

I've never tried chicken feet and have always been a little hesitant too. Thanks for the fun post. You've set me at ease and now I'm going to have to try! It was great meeting you on Saturday!



Sorry, can't imagine chomping on these filthy things. Pass the Har-gaw or Siomai, please.

Man - I LOVE chicken feet. I'm not Asian, but always put them in chicken stock (for the flavor and body), and like to gnaw on them at dim sum. This looks yummy.

Yum! I always use these in stock. And I like them at dim sum, but have never made them at home. I will be trying this for sure.

Not even zero irk from me! Proudly Zimbabwean. Avid lover of chicken feet. Hubby doesnt like them so we eat with the kids. For me even if u were to boil them with a little oil without grilling or frying or adding spices they wd still be delish! With this recipe of grilling them, we are so going to enjoy ourselves during the holidays! For brunch! LOL! Discovered you recently whilst nominating food wishes for the foodbuzz thing. Love u and your site man!

Ummmmm. Thinking of starting a blog featuring tripe and casings dishes. Do u eat that in your country?

BTW the pink feet really look so cute to me. Yes, cute!!

i am chinese but i have never gotten around to eating chicken feet.

I am brave and adventuresome with foods that have an attraction. Chicken feet is/are in that category for me. YOur recipe confirms that. I have 2 lbs. of the little beauties ready for the first step. I know I'll love them transformed into Adidas. Thanks

Adidas... one of my dude's favourite dishes to order at dim sum. Whenever I see chicken feet at the supermarket, I have to point and call out, "Hey look, it's Adidas", complete with Filipino accent. Yes, I am five.

love your site and your sense of humour :)

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