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July 31, 2008


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Holy Donald Duck, triple duck flavor, from egg, to meat, to fat!
Funny how dough can be so tricky. It took me over a year to tinker with the recipe I was given for handmade chinese dumpling dough. One of those just add cold water to rice flour thingies that didn't work!!!

Looks yummy! You're crust reminds me of McDonald's fried apple pies.

Your empanadas look great! In Guam they do a similar fried empanada, but the dough is made with masa harina and the filling is ground rice (or cream of rice cereal) and chicken (or other meat). They look exactly like yours on the outside though. Oh yeah, one other difference, in Guam the filling is super spicy!! Of course everyone has their own variation. Here's a basic recipe for Guamanian Empanadas: http://is.gd/1bpu

I read somewhere that glutinous rice flour is used for the dough. Perhaps that's what's used instead of regular rice flour. hmm....

this is awesome marvin!! i would love to try this with my duck confit sitting in the fridge :-) my only problem is finding a salted egg :-)

This looks really interesting. I'm really curious about the beer in the dough.

That was the best instructional video EVER! The empanadas look perfect.

Aside from getting the Ducktales theme song stuck in my head, this was probably one of my favorite posts of yours. OK, maybe I like the theme song stuck in my head. Great video too, very helpful.

I'm still in awe that you fried empanadas in duck fat! It's a simple enough idea, but I've never seen that before.

Looks good, Marvin! You're certainly very persistent! I would have thrown my hands up in the air after try number two. Now that you mention it, it is kind of a mystery how they develop those shells. Too bad my grandma who's from Ilocos doesn't really cook much! Grr! But I'll still try to keep looking for the answer. It looks like you may have cracked it, though :)

You have inspired me to make orange colored empanadas! It looks very yummy with the triple duck flavor.

Dough is definitely tricky stuff, Mila. I could barely handle this dough, but I can't imagine having to finesse some handmade dumplings!

Thanks Beth! I'll take the comparison to McD's as a compliment;P

Thanks for that recipe, Fran! I bet masa harina would make the crust even crispier!

Ahh, you might be on to something Beth! I didn't know there were different types of rice flour. I will have to search out the glutinous kind.

Hi dhanggit! Instead of the duck egg, try using some foie gras!

Hi Fearless Kitchen. Even though I microwaved the beer for a little bit, it still had a bit of fizz to it afterwards. I think the fizz contributes to a crisper crust--I could be wrong though.

Thanks Erin!

I still can't get that song outta my head, TK! But it does put me in a better mood though!

If you find the answer manggy, please do let me know!

Thanks oggi! Achuete seeds are the key;)

Oh, I'm having a want-attack right now. I want this, I want this, I want this. An "ethnic" empanada and a tripleduckfest to boot!

I can't believe how persistent you are with the dough: I probably would have just eaten the duck and the egg after one try.

Looks great. The shaping pictures and description were really well done. Didn't even have to look at the video.

IWANTIWANTIWANTIWANTIWANT!!! Duck, dough, deep-fried...those have got to be top on my list of favorite words! And wow, I admire your persistence, which clearly paid off big time.

Hmp! Why does no one make duck empanada here?!

you made me hungry! anyway, thats an awesome recipe since i dont really know how to handle pastry well. thanks! i will definitely try to make these, maybe not duck but ill try making them.

Holy. Crap. That. Looks. Amazing. Well done, sir.

Also, I live in Chicago, where there's an amazing mecca of encased meats that serves duck fat fries on the weekends:

Don't tell me you wouldn't be totally into that!

wonderful post
just found you via tastespotting

your video was just great, funny and informative - like if i was ever going to make anything that easy to screw up...

love the blog

i havent had an empanada (well, a filipino one) in a looong time.

do you think this can be baked instead of fried?

The empanadas look good and I'm sure the duck fat did impart a wonderful flavor.

I commend you on your persistence! It drives me crazy when my mom gives me instructions for a dish. She'll say, "It's just this or that!" in a way that makes me feel like a big dummy. But I've come to find out it's never as easy as she makes it sound.

Oh no you didn't! I have just gotten this kanto food out of my head and now I read about it on your site.
Well, I sympathize with you on the vague dough recipe so I googled and found it under the name galapong. It is glutinous rice flour with a bit of water. Again, vague, right? So a little more digging turned up an Ilocano recipe, in Ilocano. Here's the translated version (stuff in parentheses are mine):

1/2 kilo flour (no mention of what kind)
2 eggs, scrambled
orange food coloring
3 tablespoon cooking oil

Mix flour with egg. Add a bit of water (sorry, no specified amount) and oil. Then roll.

Hope that turns out well cuz I haven't tried it. =).

Wow, Marv, you've done it again -- the drool factor of those empanadas is through the roof! Great video, how did you ever find a song to match it so perfectly?!

Sarap! Nice work on your empanadas! In fact, I'm hosting a "hand pie" blogging event on my blog and would love to include you in the round up! You can get the details on my blog. Your posts are great and I look forward to reading more.

Yummy! this look like something I'd truly love - duck and duck fat!

it's a wonder that you haven't started quacking yet! LOL.... hey, good tip on cutting the dough with the plates...Pinoys are really smart.hehehe..i actually tried rice flour as dough for my siopao, but I wasn't successful even if I added flour.. don't know what went wrong. i'll try again... the empanadas look real yummy.. or should I say... quack,quack....

Boiling water. It activates the gluten in the flour and makes it pliable. My potsticker dough is just all-purpose flour and boiling water.

Hey! I thought I had dibs on the other duck leg? You promised! Because I suggested duck a la kalamansi orange remember? Hmph!

Great dish and vid Marvin! Especially after you returned from your vacation to share your inspirations with all of us. I like the music too and the fact that it has the word "duck" in the title!

Bravo! Figuring out Ilocano empanada crust on your own deserves a standing ovation!!!

The crust looks fantastic...even moreso as it's fried in duck fat...oohlala! I like :)

Thanks eatingclub, I hope you've gotten over your want-attack by now;)

Thanks jude. I figured I'd do the vid just in case I wasn't making any sense.

Hey Katrina. I couldn't give up on the dough, I really really wanted to fry something in that duck fat!

Thanks ahnjel. And yes, you can use anything besides duck if you please.

Thanks Allison! I would totally be into the fries at hot dougs, and the hot dogs as well! I've read so much about that place. If I'm ever in chi-town I will definitely stop by hot doug's.

Thanks very much for stopping by, claudia!

Hi rain. I'm actually not sure if this can be baked instead of fried. I'm guessing that if this were baked, the results would be completely different, so I wouldn't recommend using my recipe for baking.

It's never that easy, dp;) But that's the fun of the kitchen--experimenting and trying to figure out the secrets!

Wow, thanks for finding that recipe and translating Marichu! I'll have to test it out.

Hi Manju. I actually just made the video, then stuck the song over it. I didn't know how well the music actually fit what was going on until afterwards. But it ended up matching pretty well.

Thanks joelen! I'll take a look at the hand pies on your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hi veron, duck fat is the best!

Hey there Jescel! I was pretty close to quacking;) That's pretty impressive that you'd make your own siopao too!

Hi WC. I'll give the boiling water a try too, but there is little to no gluten in rice flour, so I'm not sure if it would work the same. And sorry about the duck leg, I owe you;)

Thanks very much WORC! And yes, I did get a few ideas from my vacation.

Thanks joey, although I'm not sure I figured it out yet. I still think I cheated with the egg and all purpose flour.

Can I please have one NOW? With a cold beer? Marvin - those look fabulous but more so I love your sense of humor. duck, duck, dough. haha

Man, my feed to your blog is broken and never tells me when you update! Maybe it's because it's plugged into MyYahoo!

Anyway, holy beautiful empanada!!! It's gorgeous, and what beautiful use of all things duck.

You should just try the dough recipe with plain water. Glutinous rice flour and sweet rice flour (your Mochiko) are the same stuff, so that's not your problem. Maybe you're putting too much water and not kneading it long enough. You might also try letting it sit awhile so the flour has time to suck all the moisture up. Also, try lightly oiling your plastic so your dough isn't tempted to stick to it at all.

Okay, I think I've cracked it. 1 bag of glutinous rice flour (if you Google it, then it's the green bag with green lettering in English and Thai), 1 and 2/3 cup boiling water, 3 tbsp cooking oil, and achuete (mixed in with the flour).

So, I start out with 1/2 cup flour and add 1/2 cup water. The mixture should be watery so I add more flour. Then it starts looking like mushed rice. Keep adding flour until you can pick it up without the mixture sticking like rice paste. Then I add the oil and knead. Oh, I made the dough in batches and stirred with a regular spoon. I made about 3 batches from that bag 'cuz I don't have the muscles to stir 1 big batch.
I had hole problems when I rolled the dough too thin so I left it a bit thicker. Still tasted good, though!

"What the Duck!?" -Awww... you crack me up!!!

As a young woman that had little opportunity to explore her Filipino heritage, save for a few Filipino Community picnics attended as a child, I am delighted to find this site. Here, I can dig up some of those picnic favorites and share them with the family. Nobody'd guess my grandfather was Filipino because I was not taught the language and I look so white, but maybe with these recipes they'll at least believe me.

I went to Ilocos as well and the vendors were very vague with their recipe. They all say the same though, just rice flour and water for the dough.

The filling though are very varied. I like my Ilocos Empanadas with Batac longganisa and grated raw papayas (no egg) and dipped in Ilocos Vinegar. Yum!

Nalingaw lagi ko dire. Padayona ang pagkig-ila-ila sa nasud sa imong kadugu-an pina-agi sa pagluto ug pagkaon! bisita niya sa cebu bai, kaila ka'g "puso"?

I'm sure you know some folks there who speak Bisaya...

go0d responses from you all guys. binasa ko lang lahat ng comment, as if Ive already attended an empanada seminar, hahaha..

can anyone orient me how to cook the original version of sisig and dinakdakan.

-pure blooded ilocano living in negros occidental..hehehe

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