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July 16, 2008


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I have that book, autographed no less! I had no idea there were so many versions of Adobo.

BTW, I recently met two blogging friends here in England at a Fourth of July dinner. Though I was a little nervous about the whole thing, it turned out wonderfully. Glad you had a good time! :-)

A pox on you all! I was not invited! :P Just kidding. You know, your fears kind of mirror mine... Except mine are valid because I actually look the part of a dork, you know...? Hahaha. I'm in a fighting mood today, aren't I? Sorry.
All the food looks fantastic!

i just love the idea of this cookbook!! love the ingredients on the cover!!

that's a nice looking book!

i'm already lucky if i know at least 2 versions of adobo.

I had a wonderful time and was so glad to finally meet you in person along with you lovely wife, mom, and cousins! :) Your mom is really charming! And so generous with her longanisa making tips too!

Of course the best part was the "Thug Liiiiiiife!" part...I think that restaurant had yet to witness something like that ;) Haha! Just kidding! So glad you had fun! (ok, I'm still laughing)

Hi to B and tell her I liked the duck too :)

Oh my goodness. what a fun time that sounds. Oh...I did not know there was an adobo cookbook. I'll have to tell my brother to go find it for me.

Thanks for overcoming your caution and joining us for dinner Marvin! Next time we gather for dinner, we're going to eat at a chinese restaurant with lazy susans!!! Long rectangular tables just don't do conversations right.

You have to blame MM for starting all these food meetups! Joey, Katrina and I met at his first eyeball, and life's never been the same since. Glad your mom got to make sure you and your wife weren't meeting insane food people.

Wow, that sounded like so much fun - meeting fellow food bloggers! paella stuffed squid sounds delicious too.

btw, i have that book - i bought it at Tatak Pilipino (when it was still in SD). there are so many interesting recipes in there!

i WAS going to type in that readers could probably get it at amazon.com used for a cheap price. HOWEVER, i just checked,
and it's going for an astronomical $324.91! WTF!!!!

it's probably cheaper to have a relative in the Philippines buy the book for you and send it to you. that book cost me $10. i hope your readers can find it somewhere else and not pay over $300 for it! : )

FYI - one of the authors of The Adobo Book, Reynaldo Alejandro (he's based in NYC, I believe) is also the author of several other Filipino cookbooks which are more accessible (pricewise): "The Philippine Cookbook", and also "Authentic Recipes of the Philippines" and "The Food of the Philippines - Authentic Recipes from the Pearl of the Orient" (which is just the 2nd book with a different cover and different size format). You can find these at amazon.com, abebooks.com, or alibris.com

Wow, an autographed copy, Plane Ride! And yes, it is amazing that there are that many variations on adobo.

Next time I'm in the Pinas, or when you are a fancy shmancy doctor here in the states, we will definitely meet up manggy!

It's a great cookbook, dhanggit. If you could find it, you should get it.

2 versions is plenty, iya! Even one is good if you are a master at it;)

I'm glad you had fun, joey. It was great meeting you and C! And although I do primarily listen to hip-hop, I do listen to a lot of other music as well. Ah, who am I kidding: "West Cooaaaaaast!"

Hi Veron! I'm guessing it's fairly easy to find in the Philippines, but elsewhere, not so much.

Hi Mila! Lazy susans is a wonderful idea! Thank you again for the cookbook, and for arranging the dinner. And I didn't know that you, Joey, and Katrina met that way. You all seem like life-long friends.

Thanks for the info caninecologne! Geez, over $300 for a book?!! Now I'm really glad Mila sent it to me.

you're welcome. :)

hey, i know adobo is good food and all and it's great having so many recipes in one volume, but $300? who do those sellers think they are? that book isn't that rare - it's not like it was hand lettered by monks, illustrated with gold leaf and bound with diamonds, rubies, and corinthian leather. i feel sorry for the suckers who would actually fork over that kind of $$$.

Honestly, I don't know what you mean, that I'm opinionated...in fact, I'm quite hurt you would say that. :-(

BWAHAHAHA!!! Don't worry, there was no need to even cushion the blow by saying you "mean it in a good way" because I've heard myself described as opinionated so frequently, that I seriously think the first time I ever heard the word is when someone called me that -- probably when I first learned to talk. ;-)

I'm glad you enjoyed (most of) the food at Bistro Filipino -- it really seemed the perfect place to take someone who's done so much experimentation with Filipino food. The Ubod Spring Roll, especially, was so appropriate for you, so it's terrific that you liked it. I had the duck, too, though I'm not sure it was the same as B's order. Mine was called Pato-tim, which I thought was a cute pun. I wouldn't have thought to combine duck with taro, but it worked.

That dinner was actually typical of what we're like whenever we get together -- several conversations going on at the same time, and each one as raucuous as the other. It was such fun to finally meet you! Let's hope there'll be another time, and that we get to chat much more then. And next time, try and get more sleep first! ;-D

sounds like a good time! we'll be looking forward to you posting some great adobo recipes too eh?

I love thet adobo book! I'll ask my sister in Manila to get one for me.

I myself am compiling all the adobo recipes of friends and family that I will make into a cookbook. I will also attempt to cook as much as I can with the recipes I already have in my file. I can't wait for the adobos you'll be posting THE ADOBO BOOK!:-)

I normally don't double comment, but $300+????!!!! That's insane! It cost P190 ($4) here at Powerbooks and that's probably the most expensive copy I found! Even with shipping fees, you wouldn't be paying $300 for it! Golly, give me the $300 and I'll send you a box load of the books. (I checked Amazon because I couldn't believe it, and yes, it's $324.91 plus $3.99 for shipping!! The mind is truly boggled.)

Next time it's going to be cocktails, marvin, cocktails! No long tables, not even round tables with lazy susans. We'll all be moving around, wine in one hand and fusion ubod in the other. A lot of - hopefully less inhibited - conversation with good wine and good food in between. But my kudos to Mila for getting this together. It was great fun!


Caninecologne, I'm not sure if there is anyone that would actually pay that price. There's absolutely no reason to.

Ha! Better to be opinionated than to be a follower, Katrina;) And it's likely that my wife and I confused that duck dish with another duck dish on the menu, it's been awhile so we've both forgotten. And I will definitely get more rest for the next time!

More adobo down the road for sure, foodhoe!

That's such a great idea to collect all your adobo recipes, oggi!

I didn't believe it at first either, Mila. And I am just as boggled as you!

Ah, cocktails! Of course, Socky! It would be great to meet everyone again and do drinks first, rather than last. I'm glad you had a good time.

$324.91!!! to be exact, joey. :)

It is wonderful you had such an experience! That restaurant must be at the cutting edge of where Philippine cuisine may be headed - after all we cant expect our food tastes to remain static through the years, so its definitely on my list for my next visit.
Adobo has such universal appeal - 40 years ago,in the UK, my flat mate, Raffi Zulueta, and I entertained a delegation of Russian newsmen with their french interpreter to a Filipino lunch and the adobo was such a hit. The French interpreter was sure we had cooked the chicken in wine. It certainly facilitated the pleasant social event.

It's by Reynaldo Alejandro.. It's bound to be good and well-researched. I like how it has the spices on the front.
Looks like a fun dinner. Post the pics of those bloggers for fun! :)

Wow, the Adobo Book. Hmm... just wondering, is there a recipe of the "original" adobo (ie. with no vinegar)? If there is, it would be awesome if you could make it and tell us of your results. :)

You're so lucky to have met other food bloggers ... including the famous Marketman himself. I frequent his blog a lot, although I must admit, I didn't like his latest lechon experiment that much ^_^; . The intentional scoring and blistering of the pig's skin is blasphemy! :D

How amazing, a whole book on adobo. This is a serious culinary treat to have it. I bet Carina (my favorite filipina customer) would love this book.

Hello Quiapo! It sounds like you've had quite a life, entertaining Russians and Frenchemen!

Hi Jude! It's definitely a good book, and no, I still won't post any pictures of the other bloggers ;)

I'm not sure if there are any recipes without vinegar in the book, Beth. But I think there are a couple that don't use soy, and just salt.

Hi WORC! Yes, I'm sure Carina would love this book, but she probably already has a couple adobo recipes up her sleeve;)

Oh my bad. Yes, I meant without soy.

wow! That sounds fun! Pinas has all the great event happening wtih all the great food too! (inggit!)

What a great night! I just discovered Marketman's blog, too, he sounds like someone we could eat with! All these great folks you met do. You lost me at foie gras on adobo, but I think your solution was the best way to go... hmm, and I thought my dad adding worcestershire to adobo once was a bad idea... I'm sending this restaurant review to my bro and family who will be in Manila next week.

Hi, hopped over fr Rasa Malaysia. i too love adobo! although so far i only used it on my steak and prawn. no other stuff added. hubby loved loved the steak and i loved loved the prawn!

this is such a cool odea for a bookcover! ;-)

man, so i went looking for this book, cuz I have alejandro's other book and was really interested, the book is $350 on amazon!!!


I discovered your blog via Steamy Kitchen and I'm so glad I did! I'm always on the lookout for fellow Pinoy bloggers who LOVE food. I've a feeling I'm going to be a frequent commenter here. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Wow thanks for writing an article about adobo! It's one of my fav filipino dishes.


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