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June 29, 2008


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Hollah!!! Welcome back Marvin! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay. I'm surprised you didn't eat at Gusthof-- maybe it would've been a better choice than Aria. (I wonder if you can handle much more grilled meat, though ;) I actually prefer my Taho cold, it's like a really sweet tofu dessert.

We can really count on you to try new stuff, Marvin, I really appreciate it :) Truth is I don't really enjoy Sisig, even though all-- and I mean ALL-- my friends do. When something's on a sizzling plate, I expect crunch and crust. Usually it's a chewy mess, even if the flavor is good.

(I love the parallel between my several stops in California and your several stops here-- it's like we're on an exchange program, lol.) Can't wait to see the next installment! :)

Oh my gosh I miss taho! huhuhu

welcome back! Can't wait to read about your other adventures. I can't believe you've never had sisig before. I like the sound of the kinilaw too.

It sounds like a great way to start a trip. Welcome home!

Welcome back! Glad to see you enjoyed your Boracay trip :)

Fantastic that you got to do so much...and eat so much! Vacation is the time to indulge yourself after all :)

I love sisig too :)

Wow, awesome post! Do you speak Tagalog? Or was English spoken pretty widely there? My parents always told me that English was common. Anyway, I loved this look at the island food. I hope I can make my way out there sometime. Also, congrats on the mention in Serious Eats!!! (http://www.seriouseats.com/required_eating/2008/06/blogwatch-duck-adobo-confit.html)

I'm so happy you enjoyed Boracay! Inevitably, when someone writes/talks about their trip to Bora, people tell them they should also have gone to _____. There's just so much to eat, drink, do, eat, and drink over there that a few days isn't enough.

Aria is not the best restaurant on the island, and there are certainly much better Italian restos in Manila (Italian food is one of the most popular Western cuisines here). Aria's popular because of its location and ambience -- it's a see-and-be-seen place. I do love a couple of their dishes, though. Sisig and taho are so common, yet so delicious. I'm glad you got to try some new things. :-)

Excellent report ! Yes .. food, beach and fun .. thats Boracay ! I´m sure you had a great trip :)

Glad you had fun on your trip! Keep the posts long with lots of description and pictures. I really enjoyed this one!

Wow, Boracay is still on my list of must-see's, too, esp. after your report. Loved the seafood binge!

While you were sunning and dining, I tapped you for a showing of your 10 favorite photos (I hope the crabs from this post are a contender) from all past posts. I'll be sending you an email with details.

Looking forward to more from your trip!

how cool to see a new post! glad that you're back in the u.s. now!

as a always, a great post. very ndeat that you were able to buy your own dinner at the market and have a restaurant cook it for you.

as for hobbit house, my sister and brother told me of a place they went to (forgot the name of course) in manila. my cousins brought them there as a joke, but it was a fast food place staffed entirely by "little people" (okay, dwarves). that was in the early 90's.

did you practice any of your tagalog over there?

Ah, the good life. Sounds like you and the Mrs had a great time. Welcome back!

Sisig, taho, and shakes, oh my! Looks like you had a great start to the vacation. Looking forward to reading about your Ilocos travel.

Definitely jealous.
And I love the lizard pic... mango... great.

Where to start!?! Your recount makes me want to go on vacation again, even though I just got back from one.

I love beach vacations. Lazying around on the beach with a book and cocktail in hand. Really, nothing can beat that. And the bar you can just swim up to. That was one of my favorite parts about our trip to Cancun.

The food looked amazing. Sounds like you guys were able to try a lot of new and interesting things. That's so fun.

About the haggling...hubby and I are terrible at it. It's quite an art, really. When we were in Thailand we always let my relatives do the talking.

The lizard is yucky, but funny at the same time. I imagine there were lizards everywhere? Were they in the hotel rooms and buildings too? I don't think I'd be able to sleep because I'd be scared they'd crawl on me.

Can't wait for the next installment of your trip!

Hope you're enjoying your stay in the Philippines! We've just moved to Monterey Bay and it feels just like vacation ...

Hi Marvin. Just dropping a line to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you.

The Hobbit House in Boracay is relatively new; it's actually a branch of the original in Manila. Hobbit House is an institution already. Many Pinoy rock, blues, and folk musicians and bands got their start there and continue to play there.

Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your Boracay experience.:)

I'm a little bit nostalgic and a little bit sad at the transformation of Boracay. I went to visit in 1985, I know, it's more than 20 years ago! At the time there was no electricity yet in the island but there were first class cottages, a few superb fruit shake shacks and restaurants, miles and miles and miles of the most beautiful white sands with not one vendor/food stall in sight, definitely no big hotel with a swimming pool and mall, just beautiful beaches and blue waters. But I still consider Boracay one of the most beautiful places to visit and would like to go back.:)

Wow! Boracay is one place on my list. And now it's jumped up a few notches. I would've been all over that sisig and even the taho. But both will have to be eaten in that swim up bar! Thanks for sharing!

I'm ogling that Blue Marlin Steak with some hot chilies. YAY!
Mango the Lizard is cute too.
Very interesting post Marvin!

Glad to have you back, Marvin,; you seem to have had a really nice holiday, which to those with Filipino genes is always something of a pilgrimage as well.
Hobbit House in Ermita used to feature Freddie Aguilar as main singer, and we enjoyed listening to his music in the 90s.
We look forward to hearing about highlights of your trip.

Welcome back and Happy 4th! It's great to see a post from you again...and about Boracay, no less! Love love LOVE the darn place--last time I was there was in maybe 1996 or 1997. You made me drool with the sisig picture...there is no decent sisig to be found anywhere in Jersey. Isn't it just yummilicious with an ice cold beer? Glad you had a great time!

looking forward really to read about your trips in these islands of ours! You have a way of describing what Filipinos might find the most banal or ordinary! Your style of writing is really entertaining. So don't worry about boring me...or is it the Filipino genes in you to apologize for everything? :-) Thanks Marvin! Did you go to Puerto Galera? Because that's where I live.

Oh my, you made me drool just looking at your pics.. Boracay is awesome. Was there for my honeymoon!
Taho is soya curd, and sago are indeed tapioca... they're awesome! I'm glad you and your wife had a great time.

Welcome back Marvin! I'm am sooooo full and just gained 10 pounds looking at your photographs!
We eat the soft tofu with a light caramel syrup all the time, but not with the sago, very interesting and cool.
Those mangoes look awesome, bet they were just off the tree. And your pet Mango? Very cute, don't let him fall into the soup!
Can't wait to read and feast on your next post.

Thanks Manggy. I've never heard of Gusthof, or saw it while I was there, but I'm sure it's a nice place. And cold taho would have been awesome!

Hello Beth! I miss it too, and I only had it once! I think it wouldn't be too hard to recreate at home though.

Thanks WC. Nope, never had sisig before then, but I will definitely have it more down the road.

Thanks Erin!

Hi Joey! Yes, we definitely squeezed in a lot of activities, and food, while we were on vacation.

Julie, I speak zero Tagalog, understand a lot of Ilocano, and yes, pretty much everyone speaks at least some English in the Philippines. And thanks for spotting that on Serious Eats. It was nice to come home to.

Hi Katrina! Thanks so much for providing all your recommendations to me, though I definitely didn't have time for all of them! Aria was indeed in a nice location, and it had a very cool night-time vibe about it. I'll try more Italian next time I'm there.

Thanks oceanbreeze.

Thanks very much, Jikuu. I'll try to keep the posts coming.

You should definitely check Boracay out, manju! And thanks for the tap, I'll try and get to it when time permits.

Hi caninecologne! We didn't eat at hobbit house, though I was very intrigued by it. And no, sadly I have absolutely zero grasp on Tagalog.

Thanks very much, Cynthia!

Thanks mila! The trip only gets better after Boracay;)

The lizard was pretty cool, brilynn. He was just kinda hanging out, enjoying the scenery.

Hi Darlene! We were terrible at haggling too, I think the vendors can spot a bad haggler from a mile away! Luckily our cousins were there. The lizard wasn't bad at all either, and he was the only one we saw in Boracay--none in our hotel for sure.

Hi Pat! I hope you enjoy your new digs in Monterey!

Thanks very much for visiting Franco!

Hi again, Katrina! I wonder if the HH in Boracay had live bands. When we passed by it a few times, it seemed pretty quiet. That would definitely get me in there if there were music playing.

I definitely see what you mean, oggi. The one bad thing I can say about Boracay is that there were vendors that walked up to us every few minutes trying to sell us everything from sunglasses to parasailing--we got used to it though, the beauty of Boracay makes it easy. And although we didn't make it up to Pugudpud, I also heard it is undergoing a similar change to cater to tourists as well. And that is sad too.

Boracay is definitely worth a visit, elmo. You'd love the food there.

Thanks Lori Lynn!

Thanks quiapo! We definitely had a great time.

Hey Jersey Julie! I wonder how different Boracay was back in '96. And the sisig was definitely yummilicious with a cool San Mig;)

I'm very glad you aren't bored, Bernadette. And no PUerta Galera this time, but the pics you sent me of your B&B there look amazing.

Hello Jescel. You are very lucky to have had your honeymoon in Boracay!

Thanks WORC! Lizard soup actually sounds pretty good;)

I found your site a few weeks back and I LOVE it. I squealed in glee when I saw the taho buckets. I lived in the PI until I was 9, and there was a time when the taho man would stop in front of the gate of our property and wait for us to come out because I became a regular. Seeing that made me so nostalgic and almost brought tears to my eyes.

I found your site when I googled "Filipino food blog." Your pictures look great! I've never been to Boracay but I plan to visit next year. Crab and prawn photos made me hungry! Can't wait to see Boracay!

For me, Boracay is the most beautiful place in the Philippines i have ever seen. How i wish i can go back there someday.

Quite a long post but true to your title it was never boring reading it. It was quite a food trip.

You will definitely enjoy your stay in the tropical paradise called Boracay. The stay will give you a once a life experience you will never forget.

Wow, what a beautiful boracay. I like your photos especially your lizard named mango. So cute. yeah, i believed that boracay is not a boring place. It is a relaxing place at all. Love foods, look delicious. YUMMY.. 8-)

Tanya Gemarin

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!! Boracay is a great place and Taho is delicious!!! I feel like eating some right now!

A nice place to relax.Bora can offered you the best foods, musics and of-course hot chicks.

congratulations...you continue to inspire with your utterly gorgeous photos and lovely lovely food... congrats on all your success...! :)

Everything here were delicious! I want to try them out when we visit Boracay this summer.

It make me starve at this hour...

And ohhh! hi Mango!! =)

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