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May 08, 2008


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I like that you are making good use of pandan and I love the pandan pineapple coconut spritzer, sounds so refreshing.

My alcohol-ignorance is showing! I have no idea what Angostura bitters are! At first I thought the title was a play on "pear", hee hee :)

These look very refreshing, Marvin-- I'll take the one with kalamansi and without the coconut rum, haha!

The last photo looked like the glass of buko pandan juice I had a few days ago, sans the green pandan leaf floating in and on top of it. That could be deadly if you think you're just getting some regular buko pandan juice and end up passed out on the floor heehee

I would love to try this. I so enjoy the flavor of pandan.

Wow, the Sazerac. That is old school! You have any preferences for Rye?

Hi, I really like your blog!

Do you have an L.A. restaurant? Or, anyway, a restaurant in southern CA? I have many friends and relatives there, and my son is in San Luis Obispo . . .

Oh my! Thanks for these recipes. My cousins and I are stocking up for our "drink till we pass out" party at one cousin's house. hahaha We all agree that 1AM last call at bars is lame hahaha We can add these two to our list. I especially love the Pandan Pineapple Coconut Spritzer. Wonder how it will be shaken. I like Malibu Rum and we have drank a lot with that as base. Not much of a Whiskey drinker unless its Whiskey 7. =)

i'm there with you when in comes to spending money on alcohol. sometimes a drink is the best thing in the world. i've never seen a drink with pandan in it, this is a first! and it looks gorgeous. i can imagine the flavours would be pretty amazing and sweet.

thumbs up.x

wow!!! you got my 100% pogi points for originality with these recipes!! pandan cocktail is so exotique!! i love the sound of it!! i dont normally drink but this one i admit im dying to taste :-)

Yum! If i know where I can buy pandan here, I'll make of all this! especially now, summer!

Btw, your photo of the big tinidor and kutsara reminds me so much of home!!!

Join, Food for Which My City/Town is known for.

I can't wait to travel and try pandan.

Hey Marv, you should invite us over for some Pandan cocktails. :)
Pandan Pinaeapple Coconut Spritzer sounds good to me!

Mmmm wouldn't the coconut spritzer be so yum w/ little pieces of coconut floating around like in those canned buko juices? Marv, I'm moving to New York in a week :( sadness...would you do me a tribute for being an avid fan of your blog by posting about Filipino spaghetti one day? You know...with the sugar and slices of red hot dogs? :D I don't know the history of it, and it would be cool to learn. You'll probably put some cool twist to it...like adding SPAM or something haha.

I have never had anything with pandan, but I think global warming and economic recession is a good reason to try your concoctions! Probably your bottle of rye is cheaper than the bag of groceries!

Your creativity knows no bounds! This was a great read! And educamashional too!

Though you really need to anoint your drinks with a catchier name, like "Sex on The Beach", and the like.

Another great pandan concoction! But it's the inebriating kind, the one we really love!
We used to be the weekender cocktail kinda people too, but with all the crap that we put up with at work, weeknight cocktails is the best cure for work related stress!
Also, having a couple of cocktails during video editing makes for some crazy content too!

Hi oggi! Yes, the spritzer is very refreshing.

There are actually quite a few brands of bitters out on the market, Manggy, each one having a different effect on cocktails. I personally have 3 different kinds.

Hello Mila. I was actually afraid that I was desensitizing myself to pandan's smell with all my experimenting. So maybe the pandan leaf garnish is a bit overkill, but I couldn't tell by the end of it;)

These cocktails are definitely chock-full of pandan flavor, veron.

Hi TK. I actually like Sazerac Rye. "Sazerac" is the name of a cocktail, and it also happens to be the name of a rye brand.

Hello Marianne/anthropologist. I do not have an L.A. restaurant myself, but I'm flattered you would think that I might! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hi raissa! A "drink till you pass out" party sounds hardcore. And yes, you could probably shake the Pandan Pineapple Coconut spritzer, I just prefer stirred drinks to keep things clear rather than cloudy. And besides, there are already bubbles in the drink from the sparkling water;)

Hello diva. Thanks for visiting! And yes, nothing takes the edge off a long day like a good drink.

Thanks for the pogi points, dhanggit!

Thanks G_mirage. I'm glad you like the fork and spoon!

There's no pandan in the Carribean, Cynthia? You're missing out!

You're welcome over anytime, Babette!;)

New York, Krizia? That fancy Cal education of yours is big time! I don't usually take requests, but I'll try and think of a twist for "spaghetto" for you;)

Hi Deborah! I tried the "Rye is cheaper" reasoning with my wife, she wouldn't listen though;)

Hey elmo. I actually tried to think of catchy names, but nothing made sense to me.

Ahh, cocktails during video editing! That's not a bad idea WORC! ;P

HI All,

i would like to know where do you buy angostura bitter in manila? im finding it hard to buy any bitters.

angostura, peychaud's would be great. Can you tell me where to buy this ingredrients im creating a mini bar at home and i need this to complete it.


I made my own bitters using this recipe:
I substituted kalamansi peels for the orange peels! Yummy.

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