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May 21, 2008


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Ah, that's one of my mom's favorite quick recipes, though she uses Chayotes instead of upo (I thought the official translation was "Bottle Gourd", though). I love how the Fava Bean looks upset when you split it apart :D

Faces on food, good idea! Plus I never knew those beans were such a pain to prep. I've had the shrimp and upo dish with broadbeans, not sure if that's the same as a fava come to think of it.

this is the kind of meal i really miss. simple and yet delicious; makes me think of my mom's sauteed vegetables with lots of shrimps and hibe..sarap!!

This looks great, and like something that is relatively simple to make once the beans are shelled. Of course, that's a mighty big "once." They do sell frozen, pre-shelled favas, but then you don't get to blanch them in the shrimp stock. Thanks for the tip!

Having fun with your food, marvin? ;). Looks delicious!

I used to buy frozen Portuguese favas but for the past 2 years have been buying fresh ones from the Korean grocery. It takes time to prepare but fresh is so much better than frozen. Upo, shrimps, and favas..looks delicious!

The favas look like Louross of Hell's Kitchen.:D

This looks and sounds glorious! I just discovered the trials and joys of fava beans myself. You're right. They are an effort, but they're also totally worth it.

Just found your blog today. You are crackin me up and your food looks GREAT. Can't wait to try a few recipes ! Thanks!

Man, I've never had fava beans, either!

I'm glad you used the shrimp shells to make stock since you shelled them before eating them! A lot of people don't realize how much flavor comes from those shells!

Fava beans are a true test of patience. They take like a season and a half to grow, then 2x the shucking! But I agree, they are worth it. This totally sounds delicious.

Yay! It only took you a year but I finally got you to try fava beans. And yes, I'm taking credit for that. :P

BTW, I cook opo squash with shrimp too. Another recipe commonality.

How do you not include this clip?


Shrimp and chayote is good too, Manggy. You could be right about "bottle gourd" too, but I've always seen it as white squash.

Hi Mila! Yes, fava beans and broadbeans are the same, I think. Though I've never had the beans with shrimp and upo before until now.

I miss the same foods, dhanggit. But since this dish is so easy to make, I'll probably make it more often.

Hello Fearless Kitchen. I've never found frozen favas at the store before, but I've also never looked for them there either. The frozen kind would definitely work in this recipe and make things even easier.

Thanks Veron! And I had to find some fun in shelling all those beans!

Hi oggi! I will definitely be on the look out now for frozen favas during the "off season". I had no idea they were available.

Thanks for visiting Terry B! Favas are surely worth the effort.

I'm glad I could crack you up, Piehole. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Julie. I love making shrimp stock just because it's so easy to do. There's no sense in wasting all that flavor.

I didn't know favas took so long to grow, dp. I guess that makes all the shelling more worthwhile.

You should totally take credit, WC. Although I did have favas last year when you told me about them;)

Too easy, Hurst. Too easy.

I love the mohawk pic! This reminded me of my first favabean shucking experience, I didn't get that each bean had another layer of skin to peel, and spent quite a bit of time braising them in a sauce only to end up peeling off the skin which seemed to have absorbed most of the flavor... I felt so cheated! Your recipe looks delicious.

Ho Ho you are too funny. That nice first photo told us nothing about the humor yet to come in your post. Fun read.

Hi foodhoe. That second skin is tricky isn't it? ;)

Thanks Lori Lynn!

You've brought a whole new perspective of fava beans to me!
I'll never look at another fava again with out giggling...punk rock!
Mmmm, this looks really good and summery Marvin.

Upo and shrimp with lots of sauce over rice, my favorite. Those Fava beans look HUGE!

I bought a bag of goya frozen favas, there are no instructions on the bag. They have the outer shell on them. Do I cook them? Are they cooked already? How long do I cook them? Do I take the shell off first?....

please advise me whether you carry in your products pealed green groad beans

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