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February 06, 2008


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Doesn't he mean "yoob" shake? :)
Frankly, I'm not a fan of ube (read: I don't like it, but I tolerate it).. I think it's a little too grainy and starchy for my taste.
In other news, those sandwiches look mighty tasty!

Ube isn't a potato; it's a yam. :-) Purple potatoes do exist (though not in the Phils., more's the pity), but they taste completely different.

I like ube shake too, especially when it's made with real ube! Was the Oinkster milkshake made with ube jam, or ube ice cream?

It's fantastic that Filipino ingredients are (FINALLY!) being introduced to Americans. Bravo to The Oinkster's owner for sneaking it in among the pastramis and burgers! And how cool that the non-Pinoy customers actually like it! :-)

Hi manggy. I guess he could've pronounced it as "yoob" as well. Perhaps he was just a very literal guy;) And I have had grainy Ube before, and I know what you mean. And although this shake did have bits of Ube in it, they were soft and not offputting at all. The sandwiches were mighty tasty!

You are completely right Katrina. Ube is yam and not potato. I've gone back and edited my post so as not to confuse anyone that stumbles upon it. I think I just got carried away with my alliteration, which I tend to do too often;) Considering how many times I've posted about Ube, I should know better. Thanks for pointing that out.

I believe the Oinkster milkshake is made with ice cream. It's very cool that non-Pinoys are getting a taste of Filipino ingredients, but I was more surprised that the worker made sure to point out that it was indeed Filipino. The owner must train his staff well!

Oh, God, I hate going to LA (chip-on-the-shoulder San Diegan here!), but I just might go for Belgian fries, chipotle ketchup, and an ube shake! *wipes drool from chin* I'm a sucker for anything deep-fried and sweet, so The Oinkster sounds like a double-whammy...

And the Oinksterade sounds like it'd be pretty refreshing on a hot summer's day, that is, if I could just ignore the ube shake.

BTW, love the blog-- I'm half-Filipina, but find myself wanting for more Pinoy cultural experiences, especially food-related ones, and I find your blog both informative and entertaining!

I think that a) the Oinkster sign is ripping off the Big A at Angels Stadium, b) I need to try an Ube shake and c) that the movie with Scarlett J and N-Port must have them in a jacuzzi ... naked.
That is all.

I'm not big on pastrami but I'd go for the ube shake and the Belgian fries! This reminds me of this super popular ice cream place in SF--Mitchell's? They have halo halo ice cream, Thai iced tea, jackfruit, and ube too I think, etc ... I believe there's a Filipino connection there too.

Please excuse my ignorance but is ube like taro? If you mailed me a milkshake, (I'm sure it'll travel just fine...) I wouldn't be such a moron.

Ube shake and Belgian fries with garlic mayo, perfect combination!:)

Sir, you are but the funniest blogger on the face of this earth! :) I love reading about your adventures with Filipino food in the US, and your journey to try and master the cuisine yourself. And I can't think of a better testament to ube than to say that many boys will be brought to the yard by its milkshake! Hahahaha! I had laugh-tears in my eyes :)

I would so be a loyal patron of a place called the Oinkster. There is a place near my apartment called Chubster's Corner that I like :) And Belgian fries...the best in the world in my humble opinion :)

I can't wait til that movie comes out!

Joey, when I saw the name of this restaurant, I immediately thought of you! :-D And yes, I have to agree -- this blog is one of my favorites for the laughs!

i used to hate ube when i was a kid..but my mom loves it so she started cultivating in our garden..until it invaded our entire place LOL that was the time i started to appreciate it, for we needed to eat them constantly if dont want them to cut our vice view outside :-) nice post !! i love everything the pastrami and ube milkshake sounds a perfect match to me :-)

I had to dig a bit, but knew I had heard of Oinkster from another blog, Neal Pollack who writes on the Epicurious.com site blog mentioned eating there, and I think he had the ube shake :)
Come to think of it, why don't we have a lot of restaurants here in the Philippines offering ube shake? We have jam, candies, cakes, etc all made of ube. I can't think of many burger joints that offer ube shake!

I grew up not liking ube, but I had it recently and realized that I find it pretty tasty now. I think the deep purplish color, and the fact that it was a yam, just made it seem wrong to me as a child. I've never had an ube shake but I would go for it if the opportunity presented itself.

I too, love reading this blog - you crack me up. Your sense of humor is so Filipino.

Ummmmm. I want to try the ube milkshake! and even though I haven't ever been a big pastrami fan, now I'm jones-ing for one of those sans and the Belgium twice-fried taters.

As always, your post was totally entertaining. Thanks :) junemoon

HAHAHAHAA....OMG! You are soooo funny!!! I was actually reading your post outlout here in the office....hahaaha still laughing now! ;P

Ohhhbay! I love it! I am an ube fan myself...but I've never really had ube shake before..only have it as halaya or ice cream (best as dirty ice cream)..puto or hopia =)

I wish I could go visit the Oinkster and literally and figuratively pig out! ..enough reason for me to get a visa! hahaha

Great post!!

I really enjoy visiting your site. The food blog world is a great opportunity to induldge in so many cuisines. Hope this comment doesn't get lost but I have also tagged you to participate in a new meme called "Tag" You're It. I invite you to see my site for info on this event and to find out 5 things about me.


Ube is taking over the world! Little by little, the shady hand of Filipino influence is at work. Mwahaha!

Seriously, though, I'd love to have an ube shake... but I'm lactose intolerant. I'm glad the flavour is becoming more mainstream.

I always suspected that Grimace (purple thingy from Mcdonalds) was an ube milkshake!

Hi Lorena! I'm glad you've found my blog. And LA isn't that bad;)

TMac, the sign does look like the Big A doesn't it? And I don't think that movie will feature any jacuzzis, but I've got my fingers crossed.

You're right about Mitchell's in SF, Pat. They do have Filipino ice creams there. I've tried their ube and macapuno flavors and both are very good.

You're not a moron at all Brilynn! If I had to pick something relatable that ube did taste like, I guess I would say taro is the closest thing. But at the same time, they're completely different. It's a terrible answer, I know.

They are perfect together oggi!

Thanks for the kind words joey! And Chubster's Corner sounds like a winner;)

Thanks Katrina!

Wow dhanggit, you guys grew your own ube? I wonder if that would be possible here.

Thanks for digging Mila. I looked up that article after you mentioned it and it looks like he enjoyed the ube as well.

Thank you very much Ruth! I was sort of indifferent to ube growing up, but I've grown to like it more as well as an adult.

I'm glad I could entertain you, junemoon. Thanks!

Hi Jen. Yes, get a visa and hop on a plane to LA and try out the Oinkster!

Hi Sylvie. I'm flattered you would tag me for your meme. I'll check it out at your blog.

Yes doreen, the shady hand of Filipino influence! Thanks for visiting:)

Hi Joey. I'm not sure what I would do if McDonald's ever featured an Ube milkshake. I might have to put my foot down for that!

Right on!!! There used to be a Filipino joint here that would sell Halo-Halo Especial, and it was topped with ice cream. Your ube shake is like that ... but ... without the halo-halo-ness? Anyway, now I'm going to go get a pastrami Reuben. If only the deli next door sold ube shakes!

Love your writing here! We'll be in the Eagle Rock area in about two weeks. Can't wait to try out the OINKSTER ! Never had slow, fast food before!

i wanna have a bite of that sandwich!!!

'Slurpage' - This is priceless! LOL Reading your blog is enjoyable Marvin, what a good way to break the monotony of a SAHM's life.
I love ube in anything. Are you considering making your own ube shake? I made ube ice cream using your recipe and I was in 'ube heaven'!

I actually went there the day you wrote this -- had the pulled pork but didn't realize I REALLY was just there for the UBE shake. Yummy -- thanks for the tip! I'm at Oxy all the time -- now I'll be at Oinkster...

Portman stank in that movie, she just stank. I am sorry, I know she's pretty, but the girl cannot act . . .

Hello there, we don't have that kind of food here in the Philippines :) Looks delicious though for sure, you have a different take on some Pinoy food, and it's great.

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