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February 26, 2008


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WHOO-HOO!!! International fame!! ;) Lookin' sharp, Marvin! I don't think your face looks fat on camera. My favorite moment is between 1:12 to 1:16, hehehehehehe :)
Looks like our host looked up the Wikipedia entry for blogging. I have no idea why she was focusing on the anonymity of bloggers. Tell me, Marvin, what's the pros and cons of being semi-anonymous on Burnt Lumpia? (btw, they could've shown your url at any time...)
Great stuff, Marvin :) Represent!

There Will Be Blood, or, My Left Foot?

Do I win anything? :P

Congrats dude. And, btw, she indeed does look oh so lovely;)

I wished she talked more about your blog than just about blogging in general. Is it just me or she sounded defensive about negative blogs. wonder if she was a subject of one. Her voice got a bit pitchy when she was asking about it LOL

woot Marvin!! I agree with Manggy, you look sharp.

Woohoo!!! Way to go Marvin! And no, your face does not look extra big on cam...you looked great and seemed very comfortable :) Go, go you!

I have to agree with Raissa, I think the lady did focus a wee bit too much on how blogs can be negative...although that was a nice dress :)

Hopefully more Filipino restaurants will open up in your area now! Hehe :)

Congratulations on not pissing yourself! For a first TV appearance, that's about as much as anyone can hope for, right? ;-D

Seriously, I think you did fine! In fact, I wish the interview had been just a little longer; as a viewer, I like to know more about a topic than can fit in 3 minutes. Then again, given how nervous you say you were, maybe 3 minutes was just right. ;-)

You look great, Marvin! You are famous now! And no, your face does not look big on tv nor do you look nervous. I am a little annoyed with how oh so lovely ms Janelle was so focused on the negativity of blogging. There are so many positive blogs out there ...but you handled her questions very well!

Ms. So, or her writers/producers, need to look beyond gossip blogs that are focused on negative news. Food blogs, travel blogs, literary blogs, even political blogs are far more concerned about positive issues. Her comments simply fuel the idea that negative news sells, when most of us are more interested in reading or writing about what is good and interesting.

I'm glad you kept your balance on the ricketydinky chair!!!! Lol

yahooooo!! congrats marvin!! i enjoyed watching it!! you did excellent..nice to know the face and the voice behind burnt lumpia :-)

you's a superstar boy, why you still up in the food?!

awesome! thanks for posting the video! the sad thing is...she kept sounding like Peanuts adults (wah-wah-wah) and i only listened to your parts. :)

You did great! If it was me, I'd probably fallen off the chair!

You did great! You actually look much more comfortable and at ease than you think . . .and you don't look fat! Congrats.

My! You can pass off as a Japanese more than a Filipino, Marvin :-)! But then Americans and other Westerners pass me off too as Thai and not Pinoy. For me it often is a good opportunity to say that I am from the Philippines...and their reactions are often well, enigmatic.

I agree that Ms. So should have concentrated on your blogging more than the "negative" bloggers out there. What about the witty and creative ones---such as yours? :-)

Woah!! How cool is that!! You did great! The only thing I wish is that it was longer, I was a bit bitin. Thank you for sharing the clip with us. It's nice to see the face behind our favorite lumpia man. :)

Doh! I left my comments in the wrong thread. But just to reiterate. Whoohoo! You were awesome! :)

And the Oscar Goes to....Best Blogger Under Pressure. :) Good job, Marvin, although I wish she concentrated more on you and your blog than on blogging in general.

It would have been better if had been given the chance to share some of your more interesting blog entries on the show like making kalamansi infused vodka or Filipino Caesar salad or whatever. I think that's what people would have been more interested in hearing about.

Second time to watch it and you did great! Hope they'll invite you back and talk more about YOUR BLOG.:)

You looked and sounded great, Marvin. If anything, you should have smiled more, but it's totally understandable since you're nervous. I'm glad you got the TV spot. That's awesome, and hopefully there will be just a little more knowledge spread about with word of the blog out and all. Good job!

Next time you're on TV, wear this ...

Arrggh ... it didn't post.
Click here:

That was awesome Marv. Until I build my credentials in the Pacific Northwest as a restaurant cook, we need to keep promoting our food. We have a filipino food cart in the city called Tita Pista http://titapista.com. In Cali, Chef Rodelio Aglibot used to be in LA (I believe he is in Seattle now) and Chef Kelly Degala in the Bay Area. They are promoting our food through the "pan-asian" themed restaurants. In due time.

Marvin ~ My my, you are very handsome! I laughed when I read of your worries of whether your face looked big and fat on camera cuz I always worry about my face being too round and my cheeks being to big :)

Congrats on not peeing your pants and for staying upright in that chair - it did look like it could be potentially unstable. I think the Oh So Lovely hostess could have clued you in prior to the interview that she was most interested in having you address negative bloggers. Nonetheless, I think you did a great job and your blog certainly was showcased in the background on the big screen. Kudos to you Mister Handsome Blogger! junemoon

Hey Marvin! Great job and congrats on your new TV fame :)

I thought that you did really well. In terms of the structure of the piece, was it supposed to be about blogging in general or more about food blogging and specifically Filipino food?

I'm asking because I wanted to hear more about the latter part of the interview that ended all too quickly and rushed.

By the way, you did not look fat.

I have to tell you, I enjoyed the internal dialogue (lol)

You looked and sounded great!

Could you please send us an autographed photo of yourself ? We are so serious....you looked and sounded, seasoned, professional , confident and well spoken. You brought up some very good points about there not being enough Filipino restaurants! Great answers to all her questions. You represented the food blogging world very well.
You did a great job and this is just the beginning of a great future in food for you! We're so happy for you and we were smiling the whole time! You're so right, she is so cute!

hey, you looked super pogi marvin. well-done!
you might think the hostess is 'oh so lovely' but you came across as a lot more proffesional and smart than she did. sorry, but i found her voice grating and she simply did not give you the chance to talk enough :-(
you should be proud.

Thanks manggy, but international fame is a little bit of an overstatement;)

You are correct TK, but you do not win anything.

Thanks very much for watching raissa!

Thanks joey. Maybe my face didn't look fat, but I think overall I just have a large noggin;)

Hi Katrina. After watching the vid a few more times, I do kinda wish I had longer, but I'm thankful nonetheless.

Thanks veron, but I am not at all famous!

I agree Mila. There are so many interesting blogs out there besides the negative ones.

Thank you very much, dhanggit.

Thanks for listening to me only Janice;)

Hi dp. I know it didn't look like it, but the chair was really rickety!

Thank you cam. And it's not that I think I look fat, it's that my head looks humongous!

I'm most often mistaken for being Korean or at least half Filipino. I rarely get mistaken for Japanese, bernadette;) But I'm 100% Pinoy.

Thanks Christine!

Thanks Dub C. And trust me, my autograph is worthless;)

Thanks pleasurepalate. I do wish I had gotten more of a chance to talk about those things.

Thanks oggi. I think 2 times is more than enough to see that! :P

Jikuu, it's very rare that I smile at all;)

Hurst, thanks but no thanks.

Hi James. Yes, we all need to do our part to promote our culture.

Aw shucks, junemoon, thanks!

Honestly Cynthia, I'm not sure what the structure was supposed to be about. I was quite surprised by everything. Thanks for watching.

Thanks prac.

W.O.R.C., you definitely do not need a picture of me! Thanks for the kind words.

I was afraid of someone giving me negative pogi points, desie, so thanks for the compliment!

Dude Marvin, you look way different than what I expected (in a good way...got a younger brother? jk jk). From all that "I love beer" talk, I thought you'd be sporting the beer belly. Congratulations on this spot! You look pro up there. Would you sign my wok? Heehee.

Geez, Kriz. So what are you saying? I'm too old?!! ;P

And yes, I do have a younger brother, but he is taken and is by far not as pogi as I. That is a fact.

Dang, I finally got a chance to watch this clip--you did great! And yeah, you did a good job trying to direct the discussion to keep it pertinent, so good for you. Hooray for you, dangit!!!!

For the record, I think there are no Filipino restaurants because the general public still doesn't know what Filipino food is, and they don't stay open long enough for the adventurous trend setters to find them and establish a standard for non-Filipino foodies. And, like you said, they don't stay open long enough because the Filipino community will patronize a place only if it meets their standards, which are different from a regular foodie's standards ... if that makes any sense ...

Oh yeah--watching Jannelle made me remember why I talk so dang fast. I think it's a Filipino woman thing.

I think you look great...too funny though - the pros and cons of blogging. I think Ms. Oh So was a little worked up on this topic...most blogs that are popular and not celebrity gossip related tend to be upbeat. I think the key is that they are not politically or gossip focused. Anyway, I'm really enjoying your blog!

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