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December 18, 2007


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OMG! I am still laughing about your rude girl. So many times haven't we all been in a restaurant and seen something like this?! I lived in Italy for three years and so many times I would see my fellow Americans embarrass themselves by doing ignorant things. In Italy the tradition is to serve you any shellfish still in the shell. This seems innocent enough until you get a seafood pasta where you have to dig through the noodles to find them all or get a crunchy surprise. (They even give you a bowl for the shells.) Now, the REASON why they do this is to show you that you are getting FRESH shellfish, not something that was frozen solid five minutes ago. SO MANY TIMES!!! I heard Americans say, "why are we paying so much for this if we have to shell it ourselves?" and they say it loudly.

So, I sympathize but it looks and sounds like you still had an amazing time!

Cheers to Hiro-San's reaction. That bitch had it coming. What a poser. Disrespecting food like that. I myself am not a big sushi eater but its respect to the chef to try it and experience it.

Its not about the money, its about respect for your craft and produce. Any self-respecting chef would act just the way chef-sama did. Like angry Oprah.

First of all: Belated happy birthday! :)

Interesting experience. I'm not the type to be frightened of food but I think I'd feel too embarrassed to eat at a very exclusive and very expensive place (I still can't shake my third-world roots-- my birthday came up and I refused a steak dinner in favor of a reasonably-priced Japanese bistro). I find it hard to believe that Hiro-san makes zero profit.. That would mean he essentially eats whatever waste he generates from the food, haha :) The gold leaf also seems a little excessive for something that is inert and ultimately has no taste-- and probably not a hallmark of traditional Japanese cuisine. It's like beating you upside the head with "LUXURY!!!"

I know it sounds like I'm being very critical, sorry :) I've never been to Beverly Hills, so I'm guessing this is par for the course. In any case, everything looks wonderful-- I'm very curious about the custard with salmon roe (I'm not really a fan of beef).

Imagine the dismay of those Googling the website with "the tastiest sperm sacks!" :)

You have just officially caused me to hate you. At least for a few moments right now, I am hating you with a passion because I am envious beyond belief. Knowing that it's highly unlikely I could ever replicate your experience makes me seethe!

...Okay, hating over...

Thanks for this delicious and, as usual, funny post! I'll be linking this to several like-minded friends.

Just out of curiousity, and so that I can imagine that I could someday go to Urosawa, how much does a dinner like this set one back? If they charge $200 for no-shows, I can't even guess what a 25-course meal would cost.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can imagine how frustrating a December birthday must be, so I'm glad you got to celebrate it in a very special way, and got an interesting story out of it, to boot.

what a rude bitch! i'm surprised he didn't slap a hoe, she would've deserved it! spoiled bratty ungrateful bitches...but that would be when keepin' it real goes wrong.

on the flip side...that looks like quite a meal...i'm totally jealous.

wow, he doesn't make any profit off of this place...he's definitely keepin' it real.

you know, if someone insulted you and said you were a sperm sack snacker, you couldn't disagree.


*end of immaturity backlash*

hello, Marvin! Can't help but comment. I have been a lurker but since it is or was your birthday, I decided to post a comment and greet you as well---BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm a Pinay through and through and get a kick in reading your posts! This post is just so generous in servings!...like i was one of Urusawa's guests as well. I could have eaten that brat's portions myself! It's paid for, anyway! A work of fine art! I'm also reminded of the movie "Babette's Feast".

Just proves that there are times that moneyed people are just that---with money :-)! Sorry to say, I have also known some Americans of that kind.

Kudos to Burnt Lumpia!

Happy Birthday Marvin.
Keep the very real, funny and passionate posts coming.

My god, the young girl's conniption fits remind me of the lite version of the Thief from "The Cook the Thief his Wife and her Lover"! I absolutely HATE people like that, throwing their money around but ultimately inconsiderate of quality when it stares them right in the face...

Give me four chicken wings fried hard!

I just teared up a little. I relished every word of this post just as you relished every course. But I have no words that can convey my distaste for that girl...and I'm happy that I don't, because really, you said it all.

Happy Birthday Marvin.

Happy Birthday!

That's quite a splurge. I'm so envious. I've read about Urasawa from several other blogs too and everyone is just blown away by the whole experience.

BTW, don't know if it's true, but I read somewhere that Hiro kicked out Janet Jackson when she insisted on a spider roll. So when you segued into the bratty teen story, I wasn't surprised. :P

What a great post!!! Happy birthday, first off! I loved 30--it was my best year ever, and 31 is shaping up awesomely, too. I hope your 30th year is just as awesome as mine was! How LUCKY that you got to interact with Hiro during the course of the meal! That's one of the great things about Japanese joints. As for the rude girl ... good riddance. I'll leave it at that, though I could go on for paragraphs. I'm glad you had an awesome meal!

Happy B-day! Welcome to the 30's club!

Sounds like you had a exquisite dinner. What I don't get is why in the world the parents would bring a picky eater to a place where you don't get to pick what you're going to eat??

Happy 30th Marvin! That's one dinner fit for a king, or an emperor.;D

Reading your post is almost like watching a very good movie complete with a villain to hate.:)

Belated Happy Birthday! Welcome to the club!!

Thanks for allowing me to almost be part of your great experience.

Good for Hiro for putting her in her place. Maybe I will include a dinner at Urasawa in my dream dinner list =)

happy birthday dear marvin, didnt know just like me you are a sagittarian too!! anyways im glad you talked about your japanese dining experience..coz the food you had were the real authentic jap food..its not just sushi or maki that most people are familiar with..knowing jap chefs "respect" for food that they work hard for is very important..i remember how many times i was forced to "swallow without chewing" some jap delicacies i was given extra coz im a foreigner that speaks japanese..:-)

Happy birthday, Marvin! A similar omakase-only restaurant Kappo just opened in Seattle but I'm sure not as decadent or expensive! The Japanese are very passionate about whatever their craft in life--and perfectionists too! I'm with you, I hope I can be as confident in my place in the world as Hiro-san by my next decade.

Oh wow, that is a great experience! Truly worhty of celebrating your 30th birthday! I love the marbling on that beef too...rawr! Sorry there was a little incident with that ignorant girl but I'm glad you still enjoyed the best meal in your life!

You're an old man.

Congrats on enjoying sperm sack in your mouth. That, to me, will never be not funny. But I'm only 28, so I can afford to be more immature. Maybe.

When the girl came in, did you greet her properly? You know - "THERE'S A BITER!"

I'd like to see you work more pop-culture references in next time. Only three that I noticed on this one. Shame.

Oh, and make sure to take off that retarded leg.

I was so disgusted by that girl's behaviour! Bleep! Bleep! Idiot!

I'm glad that the evening was not totally ruined for you and the Mrs.

Hi Lewis. The perception of Americans in other countries is not helped when we actually do act this way sometimes. But we're not all like that;) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Thanks for visiting Chad! And that girl did have it coming;)

Thanks Manggy! And I know you weren't being critical. And you shouldn't be frightened to eat anywhere. I rolled into Urasawa with a pair of jeans and some dusty sneakers and I felt just fine;)

Don't hate me Katrina! As far as price goes, it's $275 pp. Keep in mind, I started saving for this long ago.

Hey Janice. Yes, many many things can go wrong when keepin it real;)

Thanks for coming out of lurkdome to wish me a happy b-day bernadette! I hope you stay out of lurkdome and comment often.

Thanks Desie!

You and me both, Ed. That girl could probably afford to eat anywhere she wants, yet she took the whole experience for granted.

TK, and don't put no onions in my shrimp-fried rice!

Thanks Elmo! I could have said more about her, but she didn't deserve it.

Thanks WC. I've heard similar stories about Ms. Jackson, but Hiro-san didn't mention her.

Hi Julie. It's only been a couple weeks, but so far so good for 30.

I didn't get it either Darbunk! You would think the father had more sense than that.

Thanks oggi! She definitely was a villain!

Hi Raissa. Urasawa should be on everyone's dream dinner list.

Hello dhanggit. All Sagitarrius must have good taste;)

Thanks Pat. I've still got a ways to go till 40, so there's time for me yet.

Hello veron! Yes, it was very good marbling on that beef, hee hee.

Hurst, not that I write for your approval, nor was I counting, but I did go back and check and there are more than 3 references. That just means I'm more of a dork though.

Hi Cynthia, yes, despite everything, it was still a great experience.

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY oh wise food sage!
This food tale was very mouth-watering and colorful.
Full of the suspense, drama, action and fantasy which makes your posts akin to watching epic movies.
Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa is amazing. He is like a samurai warrior following his calling with a quiet clarity of mind and deadly skill.

Way to be suckered in by the "in" restraunt. You paid an assload of money to get served a series of mediocre fish entrails and Matsusaka beef which is really the same as Wagyu but more expensive because of the name. The funniest thing is that you belittle the one person in the restraunt with the balls to actually express their tastes instead of bowing to a price tag and the opinions of others. Even more ironic is that this pompus japanese asshole was expressing his displeasure at a guest's rudeness by being rude himself AND taking an obscene amount of money in return. Real hero there. If you expect to be taken seriously about your culinary opinions here's a few pointers. Try actually remembering what was in each dish before you say it was amazing, exquisite, orgasmic, or any other excessive adjective you can think of. Try remembering that dining is about the food, not the reputation and buzz around the chef. Try not encouraging rudeness followed by highway robbery. Try not using some ridiculous asian culture metaphores to justify a meal as exceptional just because it's not what the typical American family would eat.

Thanks "mom"! I'm glad you took all that time to read through all my ramblings at such a late hour on a Friday night! I know that you read each and every single word because you showed so much understanding of my viewpoint! That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy on the insides!

You're the real hero here. Thanks so much for leaving those great pointers so that people will take my "culinary opinions" seriously. I will try, try, try, to incorporate all your pointers--especially the one about not encouraging rudeness. I'm so very lucky to have a matronly figure in my life who understands that I want nothing more than for people to take me seriously. There's no irony in that at all!

The one absolute WONDERFUL thing about human beings is the ability to speak our mind .. so here it goes

This is the first time I have visited this blog (courtesy of my wife) and it is very impressive. But like a restaurant, once in a while, you get that ONE person who will hate everything you say ...
I honestly think YOURMOM (please scroll up, the IDIOT who posted) is the RUDE GIRL in the restaurant ... she had you tracked down.

In any case ... Hiro-San had all the right to be rude, but he was not. It is a cultural thing that most AMERICANS do not understand. The amazing thing about this country is that it is made up of immigrants ... we need to understand different cultures which obviously YOURMOM does not get. The MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY attitude that is so prevalent to most AMERICANS is the very reason why VALUES are disappearing in this country.
ALSO ... the blogger has all the right to post whichever way he or she pleases. I am relieved that this blog is actually very entertaining to read .. If I wanted a TECHNICAL ANALYSIS of the food I would've picked up a copy of the BORING BON APETIT MAGAZINE ... this blog makes food experiences entertaining.

Anyway, Im sure I pissed off YOURMOM when IT reads this ... and before you question my allegiance .. I AM AMERICAN

It's always refreshing to get a "virgin's" point of view - I sometimes forget the magic of that first meal @ Urasawa. Glad it lived up to your expectations (and happy bday.)

I've seen Hiro get flustered like that once - I'm sure it happens on a monthly basis. (He is a super nice guy, but, like you described, it is LA!)

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