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December 03, 2007


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Hmmm, I see you're hoarding a "secret" chili recipe yourself.
Mine never leaves my side.

Marvin! It's ok! (as I stated in my response to your comment at my site.) I'm flattered you're interested in my answers, haha :) Thanks for the flattering words too :)

I forgot to say I love my cheapo knives. $2 and sharp as a razor. Then you donate it to charity when you're done, haha :) Sue me! It's all I can afford!

LOL, Steers, Beers, and Rears!

I'm picturing you eating all those icing flowers and cake scraps.;D

I'll try to remember those meme things, it make take some time, though.:)

Dude, ass-men everywhere are on board if you should open "Steers, Beers and Rears." Can I run a bar tab now? It'll be a good time as any to start drinking.

In this day and age, to equate meat with the rears of women - the origins of your very life, dude - is so tacky and rude that it's not funny, even if you were only trying to make a joke. Seriously. Take it back.

Spoken like a true chili head, Ruy;)

Manggy, there's nothing wrong with $2 knives as long as you get good use out of them:)

No pressure, oggi. Just thought you'd like to participate.

Hey elmo. I knew I could find some way for you to start drinking! You could be a regular customer and have your own special seat at the bar.

Elarael, I'm sorry if you were offended by my joke. But that's all it was, a joke.

Your chili recipe is awesome and should always be followed up by a good game of Beer Pong, crowning us champions as we later indulge in a celebratory PBR. Ahh, Super Bowl. I cannot wait for it again. Only this time, we'll have a far larger television. I'm serious. We're getting a new monster one.

i hope you will try balut one day..as my dad often say the technique is; you need to eat it at the dark with lights off and with eyes closed..hehehe...love reading meme get to know the person behind the blog :-)

When you do start raising them pigs, make sure they're of the Berkshire kind - the coveted "kurobuta". These have unbelievable marbling.

(You can actually get this at many Korean markets - look for 흑 돼지 "heuk dwaeji" pork in the meat section.)

Hurst, you're such a baller.

Dhanggit, even with the lights off and my eyes closed, I'd still be scared of balut. But I will give it a try some day.

Wow, thanks for the tip Ed! I will see if I can find some heuk dwaeji pork!

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