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October 01, 2007


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Great writeup Marvin. It's like I was there. And I chuckled to think that Morimoto has a sense of humor. I'm glad!

I used to have a crush on this man. Heck, I still do. You are one lucky lalake Marvin! Those words he signed on your book are epic!

I love Morimoto! I want his cookbook too. LOL I love watching him because he has this quiet demeanor but with a hint of I dont know..naughtiness LOL

The Japanese version of Iron Chef is still the best. Iron Chef America pales in comparison.

Hi Elmo. Yeah, he was actually quite hysterical, yet very humble.

Krizia, I'm gonna have to use "lucky lalake" in my regular vocab rotation now;) And even though he wrote the same thing in everyone's book, it was still very cool.

Hi raissa. I agree, the Japanese version is far and away a better show. I miss it.

Lucky you! I love demo classes by cookbook authors. Love what he wrote on your book too...sounds almost like the code of a samurai :).

Morimoto is THE Iron Chef here in the US. Unfortunately, his Virginia restaurant closed before its second year. Virginians apparently got con"fused" with the Asian fusion food.

What an awesome experience! I loved to watch Iron Chef, and I've seen a special on Food Network about Morimoto. He's a cool guy. Would've loved to be at that event.

I will have to pick up his book. :)

Hi Veron, yes, Morimoto definitely gives off a samurai vibe.

Oggi, I had no idea he once had a restaurant in Virginia! Too bad it closed. He hinted he would open up a resto in Los Angeles in the future, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that.

Hi Jezlyn, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how personable Morimoto was in person. It was definitely a cool event.

OH!!!!! How wonderful that you got to meet him and taste his food!!!

I am so getting his cookbook...that pizza looks amazing (and easy)

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