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October 21, 2007


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I love calamansi! There really aren't enough commercially available calamansi frozen treats. I love the granita (I just won't add whipped cream)!

Tauntauns, tee-hee!

Nice use of your garlic press too! I would have never thought of that.

PEE PEE PUNCH: Most. attractive. name. ever.

Thanks for this beverage/dessert recipe for us non-alchies haha! You went through some major effort getting all that juice. It best have been the bombest granita you ever did set your durn tastebuds on! What about making...kalamansi sorbet??

The childish part of me is giggling as I say, "I'd like a glass of pee pee punch please." :P

Remember that children's game where you tried to get other kids to spell "I CUP"? :P

Dangit, of the dozens of trees my parents grew, I don't think they ever grew a kalamansi. That looks so awesome.

triple p! Snorting with laughter!

And a super duper idea again, your second series (first ube, now kalamansi) is superb. Ok, i'll stop the alliteration now.

I think what makes kalamansi better than lime or lemon is the cleansing aspect of the flavor. Sort of astringent in a way. Your granita would make for a perfect palate cleanser in a menu that would include foie, lobsters, and other unguent food items. Hmmm, maybe you could look into concocting a kalamansi bitter liquer. Sort of like a yellow campari.

Because of your recent posts, I felt compelled to order a calamansi slush with lunch today. Yum!

I'm so jealous you have so much calamansi. Can I have the leftover seeds and rinds?
I'd love to have a shot or 2 of that Pee Pee Punch, and saying it over and over ppp,ppp!:D

I'm going to be serving my guests some pee pee punch at my next dinner party ... hee hee ...
I have a Q for ya: is kalamansi spelt with a 'k' or a 'c'? I've seen it both ways.

I envy that stash of calamansi you have. What a delightful iced delight!

I love the Brett Michaels' reference.

Thanks for stopping by Manggy. This granita is just as good without the whipped cream.

Thanks TK. "And I thought these things smelled bad on the outside!"

What up Kriz? There were already a few kalamansi sorbet recipes on the intranets, so I wanted to try and make something a little different.

Dub C, did you ever do the one where you spell pig backwards and say "funny"? Gee, I pee funny. Ah, that one's a classic.

Thanks Julie!

Hi Mila. Yes, this granita makes for a wonderful palate cleanser. I just wish I could have it with that menu you suggest;)

See how lucky you are Katrina! A calamansi slush for lunch seems like an everyday thing for you! I've got to crank it out myself here:)

Hi oggi. I wonder if I could replant the seeds and if a fruiting tree would result.

Hi Pat! I've seen it spelled both ways as well, and I'm not sure either version would be wrong. I use the "k" only because that's how it was spelled on the label of my tree.

Hi veron, my stash is quickly running out so I may have to go back for more soon.

Matt, will you rock my world?

Marvin, I was going crazy for the granita but then I got to the pee pee punch and rose-coloured lens of love appeared :)

great idea marvin. now i know what i'm doing with the kalamansi stash in my fridge. perfect for the hot days coming my way.

I want some of the peepee punch!! The granita looks so refreshing too. But I still want that punch!

Over here, my sister and her friends (and me when I join them for drinks usually at the beach) love to have vodka with Calamansi Soda, which come in cans. Then they crush some ice and add it to the glass. So I can imagine what your punch tastes like , sans the carbonation ( which I personally would prefer). :)

What a couple of great ways to make use of kalamansi, other than just as juice or squirting on noodles. Complete genius! I'm going to have to try both the granita and infused vodka recipes myself, especially since I have two kalamansi bushes in my backyard. :-D

Cynthia, the shot of vodka and granita is quite good;)

Hi maybahay. Your kalamansi will be very refreshing for the hot days to come.

Hi Christine! Calamansi soda, eh? That would be an even better option than soda water;) I need to find me some here.

Hello pleasurepalate. You are very lucky to have your own source of kalamansi. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Interesting, the abundance of kalamansi is somewhat situated here in our backyard. I will definitely try this!

This recipe looks awesome! I'm glad you posted. I have planted a calamondin/kalamansi orchard in Florida, but it will be a couple of years before I have fruit. I am setting up a website with recipes in the meantime and would love to list this and give credit where credit is due. I can be reached at murgatroyd13@hotmail.com
And I read that if you cut just the tip off the kalamansi first, and then squeeze by hand, it keeps more seeds out of the juice and saves time. I've tried and it does work better than halving the fruit.

PEE PEE punch...what a treat!

Calamansi juice has a thermodynamic effect similar to dalandan juice: they make the ice colder. Trust me, they made fresh dalandan zagu before and the sago froze solid in a matter of minutes


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