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September 13, 2007


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i found a lot of pasalubong in the pantry...now i'm addicted to Boy Bawang cornick!!! ahhhhh...is there a 12-step program for this? Cornicks Anonymous?

Hi Marvin, I came to your blog via Amy's post on Epicurious. It is a pleasure to discover your blog. Will definitely be spending some quality time here.

my dear friend, you deserve it all!!


saw the blurb about you on epicurious. well-done, it's well deserved. :-)

Good job! :-) I love that Pinoy food is, AT LONG LAST, getting some positive attention, and you're helping to do that.

You might be interested in this article, if you haven't already read it: http://www.contracostatimes.com/ci_6402796

Most hilarious and creative self-promotion ever! Congrats dude.

Congratulations thug! Reppin' the Pilipinos to the max-izzle fo-shizzle. Keep spittin' those beats and we'll keep lovin' you dawg :D

It sounds like this jam is going double uranium!

Mad props.

(BTW, shouldn't that be Fiddy, not Fifty? Also, Kanye says what up from the South Side, where I currently am.)

Hey Marvin, getting famous eh? I'm glad I discovered you early on, I knew that the hours I spent reading your blog wasn't a waste of time. LOL
Glad to see that you're on your way to being famous! :)
Keep it up!

Congrats dude! Couldn't have happened to a worthier food blogger! Rasa Malaysia has Malaysia, you got the Philippines! Someone needs to step up and do Indonesia!

Thanks Janice. I'm glad I only have to worry about Chichacorn for now. I can't imagine my condition if I had access to Cornicks too.

Hi Cynthia. I'm very glad you've found me. I've checked out your blog too and am sure I will be spending some time there as well.

Thanks so much Jaden!

Thanks maybahay!

Hi Kristine. I'm glad I have some hand, a very small part, in promoting Pinoy food. And thanks for that link, it's very satisfying to see the ideas of other Filipinos come to fruition.

Thanks TK.

Thanks Krizia. I'm trying to hold things down, Shorty;)

Matt, if I ever say or write the word "Fiddy", punch me in the mouth.

Hi Babette, I would hardly call it famous. But it's still nice nonetheless. Thanks.

Hmmm, elmo. I wonder who that could be. Your Indonesian aren't you? Me, you, and Rasa could form some sort of SE Asian super group!

Congrats! You're educating me about all sorts of stuff about Filipino food.

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