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September 16, 2007


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You didn't say what you thought of the taste. Was it worth the anticipation?

i've always been wary of eating flowers...which is why i'm always puzzled when i see squash blossoms in my parents' kitchen.

Great idea for using longganisa! It always seems so simple to eat it with eggs and rice, but as you pointed out it could be used for so much more. You sort of reclothed it in the flower. :)

What a timely post! I just got some squash blossoms from the farmer's market that I will fry tempura style. I'll cook some with longanisa.

how very creative. i'm sure they turned out delectable. they look very pretty. yet another coincidence- we seem to both have been playing with tempura batter recently :-)

Can't talk, mouth full with these little beauties :)

What a great way to use longanisa! :) Longanisa is so tasty I'm sure we could use it in lots of recipes that call for ground meat or sausage :)

I haven't tried squash blossoms, what does it taste like? I can help you finish those longanisa, please send them my way. :)

Waow they're look really beautiful and yummy. Like you, I like them fried (with basil, egg and garlic in the batter) or stuffed (with zucchini).

I will post these nicoise recipes on my blog some time next year when they are back in season.

ha haa...I've heard of lumpiang hubad but not longanisang hubad. I miss longanisa...I love having it anytime of the day with eggs and sinangag...yum!

Hi Wandering, the flavor was good, the green part tasted like fried zucchini because, well, that's basically what it is. I've had fried squash blossoms before, so I knew what to expect. Thanks for the inspiration!

Janice, squash blossoms are veggie than flower. You should give them a try sometime, they are very good.

Hi Mila. Yes, longanisa is very versatile. But I have to say it is best with fried rice and eggs;)

Oggi, definitely give them a try with longanisa if you have any. They are very easy to prepare.

Maybahay, your whitebait tempura looked very tasty!

Hello Cynthia! How very polite of you to not talk with your mouth full;)

You are very right joey. Longanisa is good for many things.

Hey Babette! Squash blossoms don't taste flowery or perfumy in the very least. They taste like the squash or zucchini from which they grow.

Hello Laurent. Thanks for stopping by. I actually had fried squash blossom in Nice a couple of months ago. I love Nicoise cuisine!

Hello veron. Thanks for visiting! If you miss longanisa, it's not that hard to make yourself;)

Squash blossoms with longanisa? :O are you sure???

I can't even eat longanisang hubad. I used to make longanisa growing up w/ my Lola and my dad. So I'm very stubborn when it comes to NOT having longanisa w/ rice and eggs :D Honestly, I don't think I've had longanisa any other way in my 21 years on this Earth.

Krizia, yes, I'm sure! I agree with you, longanisa w/rice and eggs can't be beat. But give longanisa a try in other forms too.

i love my courgette flowers with cheeses or mushroom have not even thought of longanissa as stuffing

Hi shalimar. yes, courgette flowers is always delicious stuffed with cheese, but do try longanisa.

You should patent this. Can you do that? *L* It's amazing how you come up with these unusual food combinations and presentations.

Wow! You're sooo creative! I've had squash flowers made into a tempura like appetizer on a recent trip to Bali...I liked it....and stuffing them with longanisa is a nice Filipino twist =) Cool! I bet it's a great appetizer! Some stuff it with cheese =)

Cool blog!

Ha ha Toni! I'm not sure if can patent recipes, but thanks nonetheless;)

Hi Jen. Lonanisa-stuffed squash blossom are definitely a great appetizer.

I make a pork and pumpkin lumpia which is delish, but now I'm thinking it'd be even better with longanisa!

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