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August 06, 2007


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mmm...pig's feet...makes me think of paksiw na pata...*drools*
but the banana blossoms seems to have a gassy side effect...

200 dollars?! good Lord that's a lot of money! those pictures look like it was worth it though...kinda far-fetched for my college student budget...*looks wistfully at the food*

YUUUUUMMMMM!!! Everything you had sounds exquisite! Well...I might not be a fan of the pork puck. When you said "Crispy Pork Trotter" I thought they'd finally discovered the Filipino Crispy Pata! So, to see that small patty was disappointing.

A mozzarella bar -- what a genius idea! And that ravioli looks swoon-worthy. You are so lucky to live where these chefs work!

Eek! That's out of my budget. And I still haven't been to PizMo!

Janice, it was definitely worth it. Not something we do all the time, but definitely worth splurging on special occasions.

Katrina, I also thought of crispy pata. Nevertheless, the small puck of pork was soooooo gooooood.

Dub C, you must definitely give PizMo a try.

"Uh, no buddy. I'm just Filipino and I likes me some pork. Now bring me that pig's foot, Homey."

Now THAT'S funny - let's see the Mozza sisters do something with pork blood and beef bile, hehehe ;)

MAN! Why do I have to drive to L.A. to get stuff this good. But hey, if you can drive there from the Kook, I can drive there from the SOC (South Orange County)

Ed, although you and I would like the pork blood, I doubt we will be seeing that on a Mozza menu;)

Elmo, it's worth the drive. I would love to read your take on any of the Mozza restaurants should you ever go.

"For our antipasti, we ordered the Crispy Pigs Trotter—to which our waiter said: "Oooh! Adventurous eaters!"

"Uh, no buddy. I'm just Filipino and I likes me some pork. Now bring me that pig's foot, Homey.""

HILARIOUS! (and absolutely true)

University eats my money so I won't be able to wine and dine to such a degree as this for a while, but thanks for the food porn!

Hi Sara, no problem! And look at it this way, you're working towards a degree that will hopefully afford you more later in life.

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