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August 12, 2007


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Thank you for posting these pictures for me. We had a wonderful time indeed, not only in Florence, but throughout Tuscany. And oh, the stories we can tell of just this one evening! He was an absolute riot! We all still laugh when we think and talk about it.


By posting these pictures, does this make you the Ace to his Gary?

Oh I love it! How could you not have taken pictures of the waiter while you were there?

I've got pictures of this old man feeding pigeons and Paris and later met someone else who had pictures of that same man. It was a cool coincidink for us too. I love the WWW!

Great post! I was laughing out loud the whole time! Love your description (Cobra Commander! Now there's something I haven't heard in a looong while) and his pictures :) Awesome waiters (or proprietors) are the bomb :) I wish we had more here...

The WWW rocks!

I am Gary's sister, who found your blog. Here it is a month and a half after our trip and we're still hysterical everytime we talk about our 4 hour adventure in Terra Terra. When we first saw "Cristian", I told my family (and him) he looks like Johnny Depp. Mom went on to name him Giovanni Depp. To this day that's how we refer to him. It truly was a wonderful trip and experience. Thanks for bringing it all back again.

No problem Gary. I was relieved to find out that my wife and I weren't weirdos for being in awe of Christian.

Jeremy, what is everybody looking at?

Dub C, we were too scared to take pictures of him. And I was focused on the food;)

Joey, I'm impressed that you got the Cobra Commander reference.

LuAnn, long live Giovanni Depp!

Both Terra Terra and Cristiano are favorites of mine. He is not quite so ebullient with people who live in Italy and speak Italian! Too bad.
My daughter likes this restaurant better than any other restaurant in all of Italy, so we eat there always when she visits, and I eat there when I ship in Florence.
I thought the woman there was the manager. I thought that because the third time I went and ordered the exceptional risotto with vinegared pork she refused to let me order it. She told me she would give me a sample if I would try something else on the menu. I was brought a half order as a reward for ordering the ravioli. There is much to love about Terra Terra.

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