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August 02, 2007


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Oohhh you did the garlic festival! I've been wanting to do this but am never in the US in the summer. Last year I was there in October and was too late. My friend says you drive through Gilroy (I've only been to the outlets so I wouldn't know) and you can smell the garlic for miles.

I can't imagine what that ice cream tastes like, but those fries! Oof! I want them.

BTW, you are no longer an adidas virgin! I am, heehee.

Gilroy! I used to drive all the way from LA and stop at Gilroy (on my way to SF). Buy a box of garlic and all sorts of garlic edibles. I did attend one festival once, but maybe they hadn't figured out the garlic icecream mix yet. Cuz it was not so cute or so tasty. But I love that festival. And the edibles.

Those fish look like aji. Will check my fish encyclopedia and see if that fits. Sort of like little grilled sardines? Was it a bit bitter or yummy sweet meat?

I'm so glad you got to have a Coriya Hot Pot City experience! When me and my friends go there, we bring packets of Mama Sita's Tamarind Seasoning Mix and make sinigang :D

Currently sitting in the Oakland press box, I am most certainly going to seek out Ole's tomorrow morning for breakfast. Oh, joy! (Do they pronounce it Ole like bullfighter's? Or Ole like Oil of Olay? I know there may not seem like a difference, but there is - say "Ole" like a bullfighter and you roll the "ay" sound. Say "Oil of Olay" and it sounds dull).
I love garlic fries and in my ballpark adventures have found that the garlic fries at the Giants park are the best. I wonder if they get their 'lic from Gilroy.

Which reminds me - with all this garlic talk, why didn't you try The Stinking Rose garlic restaurant in the North Beach section of The City for dinner one night. A tad over-rated, but good appetizer's and a solid vibe.

Still saddened you didn't make it to Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon (aka the Jack London Bar). Of all the cities I visit and watering holes I attend (for research purposes) this one has to be in my top 3.

I've heard so much about the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and have always wanted to go! I heart garlic (as I think all self-respecting Pinoys should)! That
garlic ice cream is very cute. You should check out Joey's latest post about gambas on 80Breakfasts. Yum!

Fish eggs are yummy. I don't see it served often in restaurants here, but when I see "bihod" (fish eggs) on the menu, I am compelled to order. I've even had bihod rice! I didn't even want to consider how much cholesterol each spoonful contained.

If you ever make it to Manila, you must give Pancake House a try. It will shattter your culinary theory. Fluffy pancakes in delicious flavors (I like the Choc. Chip Pancake w/ peanut butter, then soaked in blueberry syrup), and brown, crispy waffles. The place is a Filipino institution already.

Christine, it is true that you can smell garlic for miles outside of Gilroy. And yes, I am no longer an adidas virgin;) I was surprised at how good they tasted.

Mila, the grilled fish were yummy sweet meat. Maybe they were sardines.

Krizia, that is a brilliant idea of making your own sinigang! You are lucky to live in the Yay.

Hurst, shouldn't you be working and not reading food blogs? And sorry about the line you found at 10am. We were at Ole's at 7am, so I had no idea it gets crowded.

Katrina, I look forward to my "Breakfast Batter Theorem" to be proven wrong. A trip to Manila is a strong possibility for next year.

If you're looking for some really delicious, juicy xiao long bao, try Din Tai Fung dumpling house in Arcadia. It's the only U.S. location (as far as I know) of this taiwanese chain.

If you go on weekend mornings (not more than an hour after they open), you can get their special soup dumplings too. <-- almost like mini xiao long bao, without the top knot.

Have you tried Polly Ann ice cream (pollyanndotcom)? Besides macapuno and ube flavors, they have an m&u combo.

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