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July 11, 2007


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Your posts have made me PINE for Europe! And you stayed just ONE night in Florence?! That is, by far, one of my favorite cities.

Arrgghh, how dare you make me crave gelato at 2:45am??? It's not fair, not fair, I tell you!

Dude! Marvin, I think I could have flown to Italy and eaten gelato in the amount of time I took to read this post. And yes, I actually read all of it. See how much I love you? Gave me nice memories of my visit to those cities long ago.

BTW, I made your chicken adobo the other night and my lil' sis really liked it. Gimme a minute to get caught up before I can post that one.

Katrina, I guess there are worse things you could be doing at 2:45am. And staying in Florence for only one night was one of our biggest regrets.

WC, I know, it was a painfully long post. Thanks for sticking with it. And your lil' sis liked the adobo, but what did you think about it?

Oh! Heh! I liked it too. Much better than the overly salty versions I'd had before.

Lil' sis is the picky eater so if she likes it, you're gold.

Actually, it's very similar to my VNese braised chicken (see my recipe for basic VNese marinade). I don't make that sort of stuff too often though b/c the smell lingered in my kitchen for days. :(

My pictures of it looks really yummy though. See? http://biggestmenu.com/rdr/California/wanderingchopsx's-Home-Cooking-1591872/Chicken-adobo-28135

Despite the length of this post, I am way too saddened that you did not post more on Rome. That has to be my all-time favorite city and I love eating there, too, so I truly wanted more. More I tell you!
I'm wondering if the wine bar you and the Mrs. went into in Florence was the same one I stumbled into several summers ago where I drank a whole bottle by myself and then went to an outdoor rave where they were playing Jay-Z. Weird, that Florence. (And that doesn't even count the penis-wagging guy who tried to steal my wallet).
I am truly saddened you did not enjoy Rome more. We will have to discuss this - and your ridiculous hat - over some brews soon.

where did you stay in all these places, are they affordable and safe?...after five years.

I like it, informative and funny.
is burnt lumpia your resto in Cali?

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