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July 12, 2007


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Oh! I drank an Asian calamansi juice and it was very strong in flavor a while back. I thought of you. It was good! I guess I could have been nice and sent it to you, but soda cans are heavy and cost too much to send for a 49 cent can of juice.

My mom sometimes uses the calamansi juice for marinades, or to sub for lemon when making dipping sauce with fish sauce.

WC, it's the thought that counts right? And if you are ever to send me anything, a six-pack of beer would suffice.

whenever Kal sprouts out some serious fruit, try kalamansi-ade. my mom made it during a few childhood summers...

i loved Ratatouille! it made me crave some vichyssoisse...*drool*

Hi Janice. I've actually been having problems with Kal. His limes die off before growing any bigger. So I replanted him in a bigger pot and moved him to a sunnier place. Hopefully he grows something soon.

I was in the backyard of my mom's house and her calamansi tree is fruiting like crazy. I originally went out there to get some for my arroz caldo, and got the idea to make some calamansi aid. YUMMO! Anyway, I was perusing the web and typed up calamansi and found this thread...good read. Cheers.

Thanks Ro-Dizzle. Since this post, I've actually come up with something you might find better than calamansi aid: Kalamansi vodka.


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