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July 31, 2007


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One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is your Filipino-American perspective to Filipino food and culture. Your take on the word "binalot" is hilarious! I have to ask (and please don't be offended!): do you speak Tagalog, do you actually know how "binalot" is pronounced? 'Cause I'm not sure a Tagalog speaker would even think about your cute little pun. So if you do speak it, YAY for you! ;-)

By the way, kudos on the turon-meets-Bananas Foster creation. When I first heard of this dessert during my visit to New Orleans, and heard about how famous it is -- touted as one of the best desserts ever in America -- I thought,
"What? It's just banana with rum! We've been eating that since the 19th century!"

All I can do is laugh! Your blog is both a learning experience and a comic routine. Some how you make pop music and food seem like they belong together.

Ah-ha! So simple! I wanted to participate in this blogroll by making hopia, but when I asked my Lola for the recipe, I decided it was too difficult not only for my college kitchen, but for my college wallet as well :p Please make some hopia next so that I can live vicariously through your blog!!

I agree with Katrina :) It's so interesting to read a Filipino-American on the trail of discovering Filipino food...makes me learn a thing or two! :) This sounds yummy...turon is a favorite :)

Binalot Burnt Blistered n Bruised Banannnnnnna Baaaaby!

Katrina, no offense taken at all;) As it was probably obvious, I do not speak Tagalog. I understand bits and pieces, but definitely do not speak it. My parents speak Ilocano, and I can't speak that either! But I do understand more Ilocano than I do Tagalog. I'm just glad my joke was not lost in translation.

Thanks Delilah! I'm glad I can make you laugh and learn at the same time.

Krizia, hopia is definitely on my list. Though it may be some time before I get to it because you are right, it does seem like a tough recipe.

Joey, I'm very happy that I'm making sense to Filipinos in the Phils. It means a lot to me. Thanks.

Steamy, alliteration is always awesome.

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