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May 07, 2007


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Psst! Marvin, I just made my own version at home by literally freezing yogurt. And you know what, it works. And only cost me $1.19 for the 16-oz container. And it's only 15 calories per ounce. :P

Awesome! I had no idea you could get mochi at Pinkberry. Oh, and I noticed you finally added to your "About" page. Good stuff.

Thanks for the name-drop. Cuttino would probably be upset for dragging him into something so trendy as a blog on Pinkberry. He's pissed off right now. He's shouting "You are NOT Cuttino!"

thanks so much for this update.. I can't believe they opened one out here.. yay...beats going to LA for this!

I was driving through the LBC (Belmont Shores to be exact--the nice part of the LBC) and I noticed that they were opening a Pinkberry on 2nd St. I couldn't remember where I heard/saw the name Pinkberry until you referenced the Hills. Yes I am a grown man and I watch the Hills (Still waiting for LC and Steven to work things out). Anyhoo, I will have to hit up Pinkberry and wait behind Snoop in line. CHURCH!

Dub C, for now, I'll leave the fro-yo wizardry to Pinkberry, but you're homemade version looks wonderful.

Teddy (JAAAAAAM!), definitely try out the mochi. I've read they run out pretty fast, or that they sometimes deny they have any mochi at all. FroYo Nazis they are.

Matt, I am not Cuttino. And Cuttino is not in the playoffs.

Deb, get thee to The Kook asap before the masses find out about Pinkberry and pack the place.

Ew-Jong, LC and Stephen are so dunzo. I'm so over that drama. I heart Lo.

You too eh? LOL. I'm still waiting for a Pinkberry to open in OC. Then I'll try it, and only then.

P.S. I like "The Monga"!

I wonder if the peepz know about Pinkberry opening in the "Kook"... I was about to go last nite, but will go this wkend and check it out.. I am so excited and there goes my wallet!

Elmo, I couldn't help myself. I too resolved to not go to PB until one opened near me, and so far after one visit I can safely say I'm not an addict, yet.

Deb, the sooner the better I say. The longer you wait, the longer the lines.

Dude! Despite the fact that anything over hyped makes me twitch, my guy and I were thinking about taking a trip to L.A. just to get Pinkberry yogurt and Sprinkles cupcakes. I guess we don't have to drive into the hell that is L.A. just for frozen yogurt afterall. So if you know about a place I can get some fancy cupcakes less than a three hour drive from San Diego-don't hold out on me.

Ah, the lovely Ms. O'Connell, thanks for joining the party. Besides Magnolia having the bomb-ass frosting, I don't know of any cupcake eateries in SD. I will let you know if I find any though.

I went to Pinkberry here in the LBC for the first time Friday afternoon. After waiting 15 minutes in line I ordered the green tea with Kiwi and Strawberrys. I didn't thoroughly read your blog, so I didn't know that the Mochi was hidden away under the counter. Nevertheless, I went back yesterday afternoon and gave the secret handshake to get the Mochi this time with the original flavor and strawberries. It was damn good. CHURCH! P.S. I'll have to get you some Sprinkles Cupcakes...there's a shop across the street from one of my schools in Newport. You can also buy the mix from Williams Sonoma.

I'm coming back to SoCal to visit parents - my first stop before even dimsum is Pinkberry. Not because it sounds good (I don't really even like frozen yogurt) but I just MUST TASTE what all this hype is about. I can't stand NOT KNOWING!! :-)

Steamy Kitchen, there is definitely a lot of hype behind Pinkberry, so set your expectations accordingly. I'm not crazy over the stuff like some people are, but I must say it is quite tasty;)

wandering chopsticks, where's the recipe?? pls. share!!! they don't have it here in manila and the only one similar, rossi yogo, just closed down. help!!! i'm dying here....

Sillydoy, The recipe is on my blog, you can search for it on the right side where all my recipes are.

Was just here a few days ago. My friend had never eaten mochi before and she was in heaven! It was weird to see a Pinkberry so empty and without a security guard. And people asking for samples! That never happens in LA! Anyway, I'll post about it soon. Thanks for the heads up!

My sister calls Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Chickibonga--I like it! I also like The Monga, though.

I have heard the hype about PinkBerrys from people in LA, but did not know there was one here at home in Rancho Cucamonga... I will have to try it!

One can tell your not a local, because we call it "Rancho", and if you don't know where it is, or what city we are referring to then thats to bad for you. As to the Pinkberry, if you pay that much for a little bit of frozen milk and fruit then you deserve to be taken.
Trendy crap is just that.

Yup, locals just call it Rancho. Since I live like 5 mins. away I should probably go and try it someday. Lots of hype about how good pinkberry is, but I'm always intimidated when being a "virgin" at something. I'm still somewhat of a Starbucks "virgin" since I always use the small, med, large terms instead of the... grande, etc. etc. terms. I always feel so stupid saying "I'll have a medium Vanilla Bean"

if anybody out there knows where i could buy those chic white round tables at pinkberry please, please send me the source, straight to my email at rosemarie.martin@gmail.com. nobody has ever answered my query yet.

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