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May 22, 2007


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Good ol' Grandpa J. I'm pretty sure I heard a different variation where he said,"What's the hardest nut... a coconut!" He also followed that with another classic,"What's the sweetest nut... a doughnut!"

I'm not a huge coconut dessert fan, but this sounds yummy -- especially because of the rum! :-P So do you taste the rum in it; is it a bit like Rum Raisin ice cream?

Just curious: have you tasted macapuno ice cream in the Phils.? Because I think your version would taste very different. Macapuno is my dad's favorite flavor of ice cream -- so much so that, ever since I can remember, it was as indispensable to have at home as rice. His preferred brand decades ago was Selecta, back when they used carabao milk. Now that they've become more commercial, he buys Arce ice cream(the former owners of Selecta).

Personally, I find macapuno ice cream boring. It's very mildly flavored; it barely even tastes of coconut. I like it only when it's a base for mixing in stuff like sweetened garbanzos or ube. So I think I might actually prefer your version! :-)

Jean-Luc, the coconut joke is infinitely funnier when followed by the doughnut joke. Either way, Johnny Boom-Boom is nuts.

Katrina, there is a bit of a rum flavor in my ice cream. If you want more of a rum flavor, you can add it to the custard right before it goes into the fridge rather than cooking it with the custard. I have not tasted Macapuno ice cream in the Phils., but I have had it here in the states. The brand was Magnolia, and I think it was a Filipino brand. I wouldn't say my version is very mild, you can definitely tell it is coconut when you taste it.

The only macapuno ice cream I've had is at Fosselman's and it was definitely very coconutty. I didn't know it was a type of coconut though, I just figured it was the word coconut in Hawaiian or something. Heh. Learn something new every day.

BTW, ahem, you got any left to share? We can arrange a dumpling per scoop swap? ;)

OKAY...I need to whip out my ice cream maker and make this. Oddly enough, the last ice cream I made was also coconut ice cream. Didn't look nearly as good as yours though.

Dub C, Macapuno is definitely a Filipino thing, although Hawaii is the stomping grounds of many a Pinoy. And how about 2 dumplings per scoop?

Elmo, if you do end up making this ice cream, let me know how it turns out. I hope you like it.

This sounds like the next flavour to grace my ice cream maker. Love the Grandpa story too!

Marvin, are you in the PH? If so, I think you should be able to find chive buds in the local markets because they can be found in Malaysia's markets. I think they are seasonal because they are not always available. Good luck and thanks for leaving me your comment. :)

Brilynn, thanks for the comment. Johnny Boom-Boom is a legend.

Rasa, I'm actually in SoCal, so I'll be on the lookout for chive buds at Ranch 99.

I googled, "macapuno ice cream recipe," and you have made my day. I was originally intent on mango ice cream due to an abundance of manila mangoes.

You have inspired me not only to try your recipe, but later to experiment with ube ice cream, avocado ice cream, and roasted banana ice cream - though not all at once. hahaha. Thank you from NorCal.

I found your blog through my search of making ube ice cream. Are you a full-time chef? All the dishes you've made looks so delicious. I'm in the process of trying to make my mom's filipino cooking, but adding a twist of my own that my non-filipino boyfriend and friends can enjoy. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and your blog is very helpful! I can't wait to see what else you experiment with.

Hi Jannie! Thanks for stopping by! I am by no means a chef of any sort, but I'm flattered you would think so! I'm just a dude that likes to cook and write. I'm glad you find my blog helpful and I hope you visit often.

that is the most descusting thing i have ever see

you guys r gross

in this entry, macapuno ice cream is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you alter this recipe for a diabetic? I just bought an ice cream maker and I have a couple of diabetic friends who love macapuno and wanted to make this to give to them for Christmas. Thanks!

Wow! I'm glad I stumbled into this recipe. I wonder how much of the rum I can taste. My ice cream recipes usually call for some kind of flavoring, what do you think about adding coconut extract?

wow,macapuno ice cream is one of my favorites,why not try macapuno with sweet corn

i like macapuno in my fruit salad because the water is absorbed by the macapuno and the salad becomes creamy not watery.

your blog is amazing.

And needless to mention... YUMMY!


You are so lucky to be able to make macapuno ice cream on your own. Where I live, macapuno ice cream isn't sold anywhere! And we don't have an ice cream maker, so ... meh!

Unfortunately for me, macapuno is my favorite ice cream flavor. :(

I made a blog post about macapuno ice cream, by the way. If I may, I used one of your images in this post. I linked back to this blog post as the source of the image I used in mine.


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