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May 28, 2007


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Ah, call me whitie for the day then, b/c I'm with your wife, I can't eat bittermelon. I've tried it in soup cut into rings and stuffed with meat, scrambled with eggs. And it's still too bitter. My grandma once used a lot of lemon juice and fish sauce and made it like a salad. Maybe it was the citric acid, that toned down the bitterness.

Hey, I was born and raised in the Phils. but I can't stand ampalaya! I've tried several times, in different preparations, but even when someone says it was perfectly prepared with no trace of bitterness, I still can't abide it. The grilled mango is a great idea, though. I don't think I've ever eaten mango that way. It would have to be a little underripe to hold up on the grill, wouldn't it?

Awesome presentation using the bitter melon. I'm curious though, what kind of beer did you drink?

Is "Oh my Gulay!" anything like Robert Goulet? "Gou-let!" Quick, staring contest, you and me ... NOW!
And, that beer certainly looks like a delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon to me. Ahh, PBR. The perfect way to wash down a burger. In Arkansas.
The Coconut Banger's Ball. It's a rap.

So creative with the melon "bowls"!

I agree, an awesome presentation of the hostile vegetable. Kinda remind me of unripe mangoes, tomatoes, onion and grilled eggplant.

Welcome to Lasang Pinoy, Marvin!

WC, after grilling the bejeezus out of the bitter melon, I really don't think anything can tone down it's bitterness. I think there might be a lot more people who dislike it rather than like it.

Katrina, the mango definitely shouldn't be too soft. The mango I used yielded just a bit when pressing into it with my thumb at the store, and it held up just fine on the grill.

Teddy, I drank Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale, probably my second favorite beer behind Deschutes Black Butte Porter. The Mirror Pond is pretty much my house beer, but I like anything brewed by Deschutes.

Hurst, no it wasn't PBR, though I think PBR can be enjoyed everywhere and not just in Arkansas. Your misidentification of my beer belies your elitist beer sense. I love it when you call me big Poppa. Goulet!

Steamy Kitchen, thanks! It's not very often that I get that creative.

iska, thanks for the warm welcome. Even if people don't like bitter melon, I'm glad my presentation can be appreciated.

Ingenius move there with the grilled ampalaya! :) Great entry! I only now have learned to eat it, but I'm willing to explore more...

We are in opposite boats -- my husband loves the stuff!

It looks absolutely yummy. Plus, your shots do the food justice. Really lovely, must grab your RSS :D

(Do you have an rss feed? I can't find it :( )

Thanks Joey. Exploration is one of the best things about cooking. And I guess it's true about opposites attracting;)

kaoka, thanks for the compliment on my pics, I've been trying really hard to improve on that. And since I'm still fairly new at this blogging thing, I'm yet to figure out RSS. It's probably really easy to configure, but I'm an idiot. Hopefully I'll have that up soon.

I eat ampalaya in pinakbet and thinly sliced ampalaya with egg. But I haven't tried grilled ampalaya before. Great photos! Looks like a very enticing side dish. Thanks for sharing.

i think cooking it (grilling, frying, blanching) bittermelon makes it, well, bitter. it's better cut thinly and mixed with the tomatoes, red onion and a can of tuna. :D ooops! that's another recipe.

grabe na talaga! i never knew ampalaya can be prepared in amazing ways like this! looks good and something to try!

how interesting! the first person that actually grilled ampalaya! :D hehehe!

so what i learned from my mom.. if you want to lessen the bitter taste.. put it in bowl of water and some salt.. for like an hour (i think) drain.. then wash it again just to make sure it's not that salty.

great entry.. great photos! :D

Thanks Rach. I've never tried grilled ampalaya until now either. It was just an idea I came up with the morning I made this.

Hi dhey, your new recipe sounds pretty good, but maybe add some mayonnaise to that and put it between two slices of bread and you have a very bitter tuna fish sandwich:)

Ces, sometimes you have to try crazy things to get good results.

Thanks for the tip Tanya. It's a toss up though for me, either I'm lazy and deal with the bitterness, or take the extra steps to soak and salt the ampalaya.

So creative! And looks so yummy too. Tamang-tama, I have ampalaya and tomatoes. But my mangoes are still greenish... Hm... maybe the increased acidity will make a good contrast din. Oi. My dh is not caucasian but I have to chop ampalaya into tiny pieces for him to eat it in pakbet and other dishes.

Hi Stef! I've never had underripe mangoes, but my mother usually eats greenish mangoes with bagoong. And even though you chop up the ampalaya for you dh, at least he still eats it. My wife won't touch the stuff.

I love bittermelon this awesome recipe, I always let my co-worker
to taste bittermelon esp.caucasian
they love to try our foods.

I like bitter melon with peanut butter spread on it. That's how I learned to like celery too.

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