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April 10, 2007


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Argh! This is the third review raving about this place. Methinks I need to go.

And why do they call it buffalo mozzarella if it doesn't come from buffalos? Next you'll be telling me buffalos don't have wings either? And that Chicken of the Sea is really fish?


Mozza is definitely worth a try. Just be sure to either call for a reservation a month in advance, or take your chances going in right before it opens. And btw, buffalo mozzarella is indeed made from buffalo milk ;)

The more people who write about this place, the harder it will be for me to get a rez. My fiancee and I have been wanting to go to this place with another couple but cannot get a reservation even though we tried on numerous occasions. Damn you Burnt Lumpia!
And by the way, I think Batman and Robin - even though they wear tights - have to be the dynamic duo, since after all, they were the original pair to be so dubbed.

Next thing you know, you're going to get on your knees to promote another fave of mine - Father's Office - and make that damn near impossible to get into as well.

Jeremy, I have come to the conclusion that no duo is better than B&S.

Chad, you know as well as I that FO is already a pain to get into. Although I appreciate their burgers less and less, the beer makes up for it. We'll have to plan a trip soon.

Hilarious review! Had me ROFL. I just saw that Shakira and Beyonce video right before I read this, so it was especially apt.

I've heard so much about Mozza. This is by far the review that actually makes me want to go and check it out.

Thanks Elmo, glad you enjoyed the review. And if I can make the drive from the IE, you can do it from the OC;)

I love Mozza too, and I really like your blog!! Informative, funny, clever and entertaining. Personally, me thinks the proscuitto and burrata pairing is better than Beyonce and Shakira but I suppose that's coz I am female! Now if Adrian Brody and David Beckham got together....hmmmm... Thanks for the review.

tokyoastrogirl, I've been a lurker on your site for quite some time now, thanks for the kind words. And as for Brody and Beckham, hmmmm, nope, nope, I don't see it.

That girl looks like her face was molded out of caucasian flesh colored play doh!! hehe. same color as Crayola's "skin" tone that I refused to use as a kid to color my stick people.

Steamy Kitchen, I had to blur that girl's face out and I guess I went overboard with the skin crayon:)

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