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April 01, 2007


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This is similar to our father's BBQ recipe with pork and chicken. Except he used a can of Budweiser, and of course a dash of surliness.

You had me going there for a second Mr. Balatong. But yes, it is somewhat similar.

hi, I found your blog by accident and am so deliciously delighted that I did =).Tried this recipe and was an instant hit! taste like our TAPA in phils. I twisted it a lil( after being light headed from the beer,hehehe)instead I put rice cooking wine which works good too! thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

Thanks chattygurl! I'm glad you liked my recipe and even more delighted that you say it tastes like true tapa. I hope you visit my blog again, and not just by accident;)

food and humor-- a good combination

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