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April 15, 2007


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The achuete oil looks good.

Thanks Leica. The addition of the ancho chile gives the oil a wonderful smoky aroma. The oil has very little flavor though, and is used primarily for coloring.

I wish my grandmother had left behind a collection of recipes before she passed away. :( But she never actually cooked by recipe anyway, just by taste and memory. Some of my aunts make their own version of her dishes, but they don't taste like grandma's.

I think it's wonderful that you've got those recipes to hold on to. Good job!

Thankfully, my grandmother is still with us and cooking up huge meals for everyone. I'm very fortunate that she's willing to take the time to write recipes down for me when I ask. She doesn't measure anything either, but she knows I'm an idiot, so she helps out in any way she can.

saw your comment on oishi eats blog re: Pinkberry entry on april 18 and you mentioned that rancho was getting one? when and where? @ victoria gardens? I love the stuff and that would be great if they come out to the IE.
thanks for the info!

Awesome, I wish I can dig up my grandma's recipes. I don't think I've had Sotanghan noodles before...gotta give it a try.

Looks good Marvin the Martian! Hehehe, can't resist.

You can tweak this recipe further by adding more liquid for a somewhat soupy sotanghon. Same ingredients. Eat with biscocho and the old-timers will marvel at how you got that Filipino habit. :-)

I realized something as I was stuffing my Grandma's hand-written, college-lined notebook paper back into my nerd-folder of food: I can't go on living my life like this can I? I can't deprive myself of good Filipino food just because I am lazy. I had to do something. So I created a couple of shortcuts and reduced my Grandma's ingredient list to produce just enough food for me and my wife.

I had sotanghon before but they left out mushrooms and they used ginger root.

I'm a vegetarian, and I did this with tofu. So so so so good!! I'm a Filipina, and my grandparents are the best cooks, but I live too far away to get serious Filipino cooking lessons from them. I love that I'm getting in touch with my Filipino roots with your blog! Thanks!

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