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March 11, 2007


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Bangus Really? Or Other Kinds Equals Having A Very Ethnic New meal. i believe i will try it.

Quick question:
I've developed the habit of baking things in foil packets for easy clean-up. I understand that using aluminum foil may be a little primitive compared to using fancy French parchment paper, but is there a big difference?

And one more thing, you should be grateful I'm providing you material to write about.

Hurstalicious, for your first go, I would recommend going with Tilapia. See if you like the recipe first, before going out of your way to find the Bangus.

Young Jean-Luc. I completely forgot to mention foil, but yes, that would be fine to use. And parchment paper isn't fancy, you can find it in the store right next to the foil. Also, in the Philippines, if I'm not mistaken, people would probably wrap the fish in banana leaves and steam or bake. Word.

Bravo! Hahaha! My gosh, I can't get enough of this.

Yes, we do use banana leaves to wrap the fish in. We'd even wrap it in tangle/alagaw (fragrant premna) first to make it more aromatic.

Even in the country, foil is used more and more but for little old school me, that's more like steaming than broiling but what the heck, it would still be delicious.

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