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March 22, 2007


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I think I am developing a man-crush on you. The YouTube video was a wonderful touch. Did you name your brick Brick Tamland after the weatherman in Anchorman?

Thanks Chad, I think. And although Brick Tamland is a fine suggestion for naming my brick, I think I will go with Scarlett. Let it be known, from this day forth, the name of my hot brick is Scarlett! It is written.

Scarlett! I love it. And the video is a great touch. I love the brick for the novelty factor but I think I'll just stick to my cast iron pan. :)

Hi! Found you by way of Elmo.


Thanks for the comment, it's always nice to meet other bloggers via other bloggers in the blogosphere, blog blog blog. I'll be sure to keep an eye on your site now.

Yes a cast iron pan would work just fine, and probably cover more surface area than a brick would. But bricks provide more of a wow factor I think.

Thanks for getting me to the Alton Brown "brick chicken" recipe, which I couldn't find to save my life on the Food TV site. And I am printing our your verion too. Love AB!!!

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